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DEBATE: Faith and Works in Justification

John Martignoni v Joe Mizzi


The debate begins with John giving evidence that Joe misrepresents the
Catholic teaching on justification and works; whereas Joe starts by answering
John’s question on salvation. This is followed by rebuttals and final
conclusions. A maximum of 600 words are allowed for each person per
round. The debate is published on both John’s and Joe’s websites. We hope
to finish the debate in about 3 weeks.

Round One John substantiates allegation Joe answers question on salvation
Round Two Joe’s rebuttal John’s rebuttal
Round Three John’s conclusion Joe’s conclusion


Bio of John Martignoni

Born Catholic. Saved by Baptism (1 Ptr 3:20-21) as an infant. Teaches
Catholic and non-Catholic alike, using the Bible, that the Catholic Faith is the
faith of the Bible; the faith of the Apostles; the faith of the early Christians.
Prays that we all may be one (John 17:20-21).

Website: Bible Christian Society

Bio of Joe Mizzi

A former Roman Catholic; lives in Malta of Acts 28:1; a paediatrician.
Converted to Christ when he was convinced that salvation is by grace through
faith, not of works. Desires to share the gospel of grace with all people,
especially with Catholics whom he knows and loves dearly.

Website: Just for Catholics

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