I personally have listened to the tape [The Sacraments] probably a half-dozen times. It is as good a presentation of this material as I have heard for a couple of reasons. One, it is very clear, concise, and understandable; and two, it is direct enough that a lay person like myself can take it and use it in conversations with people I encounter without a lot of extra outside study.

Abe Fisher
McDonald, KS

I wanted to send you a letter of encouragement letting you know that your tapes have been very helpful in my conversion to the Catholic Church...Of all the Catholic apologists, I find [your tapes] to be perhaps the most persuasive and express the Catholic Faith in a way very meaningful to Protestants - especially Fundamentalists.

Allen Covey
Convert to Catholicism
Homer, AK

May God bless and bless and bless you and all who love you (that's us) many times over!

Anna Sellers
Abbeville, LA

Thank you from Fresno for the delightful evening of apologetics and your "reversion" story. My husband and several friends who accompanied me came away with a new appreciation for apologetics and that we "common folk" can play the game with your simple tools. The 12 questions to ask our Protestant friends were outstanding!

Ann Casado
Fresno, CA

I forgot to tell you that one of the ways in which your ministry is very inspiring is that you, too, are an 'ordinary person'. What I mean by this is that it's one thing to listen to a tape by Scott Hahn, with all of his credentials, experience, and degrees (not to mention his vocabulary!). I can follow along, but I'd never try to duplicate his arguments because I just don't feel that I have what it takes to do it his way.

After listening to your tapes, however, I feel much braver. Maybe it's because you don't get into deep theological arguments, or because so much of what you say comes across as basic common Bible sense, or because you don't have all of those intimidating letters after your name.
Whatever the reason, your presentations are much more helpful to the ordinary Catholic out here in the trenches. You are proof that we don't have to be theology professors in order to defend our Faith. That reminder, as well as the excellent tactics you outline, have made me feel much better equipped to evangelize

Barbara Griswold
Hilton Head, SC

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am attempting to memorize [your tapes] word for word!!! I listen to them each morning for my workout (sure beats music or CNN).

Chad Fortier
Abbeville, LA

Your talks on tape are the best Apologetics I have ever listened to.

Cliff Monteau
Atlanta, GA

I received [your] tapes the other day. I had borrowed a set from a friend, but just couldn't give them back until I had my own. Your tapes have made a HUGE impact on my life in every way. To be honest, I popped in the first tape hoping to get some scripture passages to defend myself as a Catholic vs. my Protestant brothers/sisters. I now have more than I could have ever hoped for...BUT more importantly the tapes have become a teaching/learning mechanism for me in my beliefs.

Instantly I realized I was a "Cafeteria Catholic"...I would pick and choose what the important things about being Catholic were and were not...Your tapes have shown me the TRUTH. I was always afraid to get into a scriptural debate/discussion when talking about or defending my faith. No longer.

Dan McCarthy
Old Hickory, TN

[Your tapes] have been very edifying, humorous, and refreshing. I love your straight forward approach...My wife and I were smiling the whole talk, every talk we heard...I have been collecting Apologetics tapes and books for some years now, but your stuff is my favorite! In my humble opinion, you have the most unique Apologetics approach.

Dave Ryan
Sacramento, CA

I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with your knowledge of Scripture, and how useful your tapes have been to me already! The approach you take in your explanations is thorough, yet very easy to follow.

Deacon Chris Bazar
St. Meinrad Seminary

I want to tell you that your tapes have really helped me with my studies and love of the faith and have touched the hearts of many other people in our parish as well.

Derek Lasiter
Oakdale, CA

John Martignoni's apologetics tapes have been the most successful program that I have ever run on our five Catholic Radio Stations. John's approach to apologetics is for the everyday Catholic, you do not need to have an advanced degree in biblical studies to follow John's material, and the best part is that you can duplicate John's approach with success!

Doug Pearson
General Manager Immaculate Heart Radio
Reno, NV

We just had our Board meeting and got back the report from the review committee on your tapes. The report was unanimous that these were some of the best apologetics tapes we have ever heard! So we would be happy to begin airing them either this week or next

Dr. Lawrence Kapp
President, D.C. Catholic Radio
Washington, D.C.

I think I've said this before, but you have the best apologetic tapes of anyone I've heard, including Scott Hahn!"

Dr. Richard Neves
Blacksburg, VA

I listened to your "One Church" talk and I have to say that I am truly amazed at how well you presented your matter.

Fr. Adrian Head
Quorn, Australia

I have just listened to three of John's tapes and found them thoroughly enjoyable. His ability to explain difficult concepts in a logical and orderly fashion for the 'lay' person is a gift. I also like how he refutes anti-Catholic beliefs by staying within the confines of the Bible.

Frank Spina
Pittsfield, MA

I wanted to express my thanks for your presentation here at St. Philip Benizi Parish. I felt your presentation was on target and empowering for our parishioners. Certainly your biblically-based presentations are the way to go for our Non-Catholic brethren.

Fr. Vincent Gluc, OFM Conv.
Pastor, St. Philip Benizi Parish
Jonesboro, GA

I cannot thank you enough - your talks, your tapes...played an important role in my conversion.

Gerald Caponetti
Convert to Catholicism
Stamford, CT

John's teaching really has had a profound impact on me and I feel that this no nonsense approach is just what is needed for all Catholics, maybe even all Christians.

Gerald Phillips
Abilene, TX

I recently attended your talk at St. Joseph's in Modesto, California, and I want to let you know how inspiring your talk was. I feel truly confident about being approached by any denomination on questions of my Catholic faith...Your knowledge of the faith and then bringing it to the lay person in easy to understand language is a wonder (really a miracle!). I love Scott Hahn's books and testimonies, but when trying to convey what I just read I feel stumped!! Thank you, thank you!!

Grace Guajardo
Modesto, CA

A friend of mine wants your tape, "The Sacraments and the Bible." It's fantastic! My Protestant friends are dumb founded [by it].

Jack Schmid
Huntington, NY

I listened to John's tape entitled, "One Church," several times...it is an awesome tool for presenting Protestants with the basis for the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church (amidst a sea of choices). It's most powerful feature may be that it relies entirely on the Bible for support...Thank you!

Mike Czabala
Alpharetta, GA

John Martignoni's explanation of the Faith is disarming. He uses simple, basic terms that those without a theological or scriptural background can easily comprehend. His delivery communicates conviction...If you want to strengthen your skills in apologetics, I encourage you to acquire and absorb Mr. Martignoni's materials.

Most Reverend Victor Galeone
Bishop of St. Augustine
St. Augustine, FL

I was a Protestant with no intention of converting when I first heard John. It was his lecture series that taught me the 'truth' about Catholicism, a truth which I could no longer refuse to recognize. He has a gift for teaching our faith and a compelling delivery.

Pamela Nix
Convert to Catholicism
Atlanta, GA

I have learned so much about my faith thanks to you and your tapes. Your tapes and booklets make the information neeeded to defend my faith easy to understand and accessible.

Patricia McIntyre
Mars, PA

I was introduced to John Martignoni's first set of tapes through a friend who had heard him speak "live"...With these tapes, I knew that I had found the very best, most orthodox source for Catholic Apologetics that I could possibly come across. I used, in some places directly (with John's permission!), material from his tapes for my own parish-based apologetics course...There are no better Apologetics tapes on the market. Period.

Rev. Norman J. Guilbert, Jr.
Associate Pastor
St. Leo's Parish, Stamford, CT

You are the Apologist for the "working man" Catholic. And I mean that as the utmost compliment. I have learned more from you, gained more confidence in myself, found myself thirsty for my faith, absolutely ON FIRE for Jesus and madly in love with HIS CHURCH as a result of YOUR tapes.

Don't get me wrong - I love Scott Hahn and Tim Staples and those other great, scholarly theologians, but when you hear them you know, "I could NEVER do that!" or "I'll never remember that!" You speak so directly, so confidently, but with great sincerity and humor, that you appeal to the ignorant Catholic (of which I am!), to the "sitting duck" Catholic (of which I was, but no longer), to the cradle Catholic who hasn't been catechized (my husband), to the fearful Catholic living in the Bible belt (this was me a year ago), to the Catholic out in the "trenches" who just needs a few pointers (again me, but so many others).

Rhonda Boyle

Sharpsburg, GA

I mean this sincerely, I can never, ever, never-ever-never thank you enough for what your tapes (through the Holy Spirit, of course!) have done for me. For the first time in 11+ years as a convert, I finally feel that I have the confidence to face my Protestant friends and family without fear of their pointed, misinformed attempts to "save me." You've given me the tools I need to join them on their playground; to help them think, to gently challenge them to look at their own false assumptions and to question the reliability of the information they've been fed all their lives. I'm empowered! I have Truth on my side and can't wait to smile in the face of the next challenge, knowing now that I have an opportunity, rather than an event of desperation! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rhonda Boyle

Sharpsburg, GA

Thank yo so much for having John Martignoni on your show. He is one of the clearest, most compelling teachers I have ever heard...Again, thanks for introducing him to your radio audience!

Ric Grosh
From e-mail to Jerry Usher, host
Catholic Answers Live

You have a very unique way of presenting these topics that makes them easy and simple to understand.

Richard Harrington
Topsham, ME

I have been listening to the [Internet radio] broadcast on Live365.com and it is incredible! I have been looking for this type of straightforward apologetics for a long time...it is hard to find straight- forward Catholic apologetics that are easy to follow along with and break things down in such a logical manner. Please help me get ahold of this awesome material! They are by far the best apologetics tapes I have ever listened to. This guy is up there with the heavy hitters like Scott Hahn, Tim Staples, Steve Wood and the like.

Rob Sower
Caldwell, ID

Thank you for your wonderful tapes...I have listened to other apologetics speakers and you are BY FAR the best...You've given me the confidence to go out in the world and defend our faith that I didn't have before.

Rosemary Isbel
Covington, KY

I have to tell you that I heard "One Church" and "The Rapture and the Bible" already. Both are beautiful and brilliant.

Stefan Stoeger
Magister of Law
Vienna, Austria

Your talk and the audiotapes of yours that I purchased afterwards have fueled my fire and desire to step out of my comfort zone and into an apostolic mission to try and teach the truth to others as you are doing.

Steve Sturniolo
Woodstock, GA

My life has changed dramatically because I have now found the true faith in the Catholic Church with help from John Martignoni...with his tapes. Anyway, I am interested in buying more tapes for my family and friends that are Baptists that are having problems and issues with the Bible Alone, Faith Alone, and so on. I'm interested in buying as many as 10 sets of tapes..

Susan Portz
Convert to Catholicism
Glenarm, IL

[Your] tape on "The Sacraments" is brilliant!!! I've been all through Catholic school and never learned anything so clear and easily understood.

Terry Shuttleworth
Cullman, AL

NEVER have I heard anyone so clearly and simply explain the Catholic Church and the Bible in such an easy to understand format. Every time I hear you speak I get a feeling of such motivation.

Tony Allbright
Cullman, AL