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I am Catholic and have been so for 61 years. I attended Catholic school with instruction of course of catechism daily. I have been reading [your] Apologetics 101 each week. I am a bit confused. It is not clear to me in the Bible that God, Jesus ever say that you have to belong to the Catholic Church. Jesus our savior died on the cross for everyone. As I remember, I was taught in school by the Sisters of Mercy, that God is everywhere and you can talk to Him anywhere, you can see Him in everything you do. You should try to live your life as He would, try your best to treat everyone as He did, in other words live as He did. We all fall short but continue to try daily. There are good people everywhere in this world. I believe that when I die and go to heaven, there will be people from all walks of earth, not just Catholics. In the beginning of your weekly articles I thought that was what you were conveying. God is for everyone right? As long as you believe in God, and that Jesus died for us. I am Catholic, it is a part of me. I have always sort of taken pride in the fact that I was taught that Our church was not exclusive but Catholic meaning everyone or All. What exactly are you saying that if you do not try to convert others to the Catholic faith or whatever church you attend, you are lacking in your belief? (Part 1)

I love questions like this! This person basically disagrees with what I have written in my last few columns on the question of whether or not “God wants everyone to be Catholic.” However, she is …


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