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A Protestant friend questioned the statues of Mary and the saints in the Catholic churches. After reading the Old Testament I think having anything on an altar in church could be interpreted as a false idol. The Jews were protected by God as long as they did not place statues of anything on an altar and kneel before it. I now find the statues in church and the intercession prayers to anyone but God as against God's greatest commandment "To love God". The only prayers I find in the Bible are The Our Father and The glory be to God. As a cradle catholic I was taught that statues and pictures were only icons. Possibly the Old testament Jews thought the same thing.

The placing of statues in Catholic churches is in no way equivalent to the worship of a false idol and is in no way a violation of God’s commandment. The first commandment reads as follows: “I am …


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Scott Hahn to Speak at Samford - Save the Date!

Scott Hahn to Speak at Samford - Save the Date!

Apologetics for the Masses

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