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You can download full-length versions of all of the talks listed below in MP3 format. All of this material is offered free of charge. However, if you can add the Bible Christian Society to the list of charitable organizations that you give to, we would greatly appreciate it! We are a non-profit corporation and all donations are 100% tax-deductible. Without your support, we cannot keep this apostolate running (and it helps to keep food on my family's table!). A donation of any size would be greatly appreciated and would be put to good use in bringing the truths of the Catholic Faith to as many other folks as possible. Thanks! (You will have an opportunity to donate during or after the download process.)

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Talks are 13-15 MB in size and download times will depend on the speed of your Internet connection. Over a dial-up connection, you can download a talk in about an hour.

A Plastic Surgeon on Transgenderism

Deacon and plastic surgeon Dr. Patrick Lappert discusses, from a medical, clinical, and spiritual viewpoint, how harmful transgendeisum is to the human person.

Apologetics for the Scripturally-Challenged

Basic apologetics strategies and techniques.

Apostolic Authority and the Pope

Biblical support for Pope and Apostolic Authority

Baptist Minister Becomes Priest

This is the conversion story of Fr. Gray Bean.

Catholics and the Bible

What the Church teaches regarding Biblical study and interpretation

Debate: Sola Fide (Are We Saved by Faith Alone?)

A debate on salvation between John Martignoni and Dr. James Saxon

Does God Want Everyone to Be Catholic?

Subtitle: Evangelization: Why and How?

Genesis and Evolution: What Do Catholics Believe?

What does the Church teach -- and what can Catholics believe -- about Genesis and evolution?

Infant Baptism and Original Sin

How to defend the Church's teachings regarding Infant Baptism and Original Sin from the Bible.

Introduction to Apologetics

Prepare to discuss, defend, and share our Faith

Living the Word of God to Bring Justice and Peace (The Good Samaritan)

The parable of the Good Samaritan shows that we must respond to the needs of others.

Marriage & the Eucharist: The Two Shall Become One

Explore the parallels between these two sacraments

Mary & the Bible; plus Purgatory & the Bible

Learn the Biblical foundations to many Marian teachings of the Church

My Conversion Story

John's personal journey of Faith

Once Saved, Always Saved?

Learn how to defend against this false and dangerous doctrine

One Church

What the Bible says about the one true Church founded by Jesus

Priestly Celibacy - Fr. Ray Ryland

Fr. Ray Ryland, a married priest, discusses priestly celibacy with John Martignoni

Sola Fide - Part 2

A new perspective on Sola Fide: Salvation by Faith Alone

Sola Fide - Salvation By Faith Alone?

Using the Bible Alone to refute Salvation by Faith Alone

Sola Scriptura - Part 2

A new perspective on the Protestant doctrine of The Bible Alone

Sola Scriptura - The Bible Alone?

Does the Bible support "The Bible Alone"?

The Communion of Saints

Biblical foundations and explanations to common questions

The Eucharist "IS" the New Testament - Dr. Scott Hahn

Dr. Hahn explains how the Eucharist is, according to the Bible, THE New Testament.

The Rapture and the Bible

What will really happen on "The Last Day"

The Sacraments and the Bible

The Biblical foundations for three Sacraments

Two-Minute Apologetics

19 different topics in short Q&A format.

Was Hitler Right?

This is an apologetic aimed at atheists and social liberals.

Which Came First, the Church or the Bible?

Discussion of the Bible and how it was authored by the Church