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Investing in Evangelization...


Hey folks,

I have a favor to ask.  If, by reading one of these newsletters in the past, or listening to one of my talks or watching one of our videos, you've ever learned more about your faith or been armed with the confidence and knowledge to share your faith with others, would you do me the kindness of taking just a few minutes to read through these testimonials below, and then, if you like what you read, consider making an investment in evangelization (aka donation) to the Bible Christian Society?

These testimonials about the impact of the Bible Christian Society are from all over the world (even one from an Anglican priest in England!).  One thing to note is how often people take what they learn through our written and/or audio materials, and use that knowledge to evangelize and educate others.  That is the real power of the Bible Christian Society.  The multiplier effect.  We have in the neighborhood of 70,000 subscribers to this newsletter, and a great many of those subscribers are folks who use our materials - written and audio - in teaching their high school theology classes, their TV audience, their parish religion classes, their Bible studies, their adult education groups, their parishioners, in their homilies, and on and on.  There is a multiplier effect that results in the Bible Christian Society being involved in the evangelization of literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people around the world each year.

In addition to the testimonials, though, you'll see several folks who are requesting help with individual situations. I get emails like that almost on a daily basis.  Hundreds of them each year.  Some of those folks I'm able to respond to and help, but I get so many questions, from so many different people, that, unfortunately, I am not able to respond to all of them.  Which is why, as I've said before, I would love to be able to devote myself full-time to this apostolate. 

Anyway, all of these things happen for two reasons: 1) Because our materials are so grounded in simple logic and common sense - in addition to the Bible - that pretty much everyone from 6 to 106 can get something out of them, and 2) Because our materials are, for the most part, absolutely free.  I know of no other evangelization/apologetics apostolate that gives most of their materials away for free.  Do you? 

And, everything you're about to read, is made possible only because of the support we receive from folks like you.  So, again, if you like what you read - if you like what we're accomplishing - would you please pray about investing in the Bible Christian Society and thereby helping us to reach even more people in 2024 and beyond with the truths of the Catholic Faith? 


As a recent convert after 63 years as a Protestant, I have enjoyed reading your book, "A Blue Collar Answer to Protestantism". Very straightforward and very helpful for me to answer questions from family members who are all Protestants.
     -Brian V.

We are planning to have a church study on Apologetics using your books.
     - Rogelio R.

A relative of mine gave me your book "Blue Collar Apologetics" about two years ago. At the time I was going into my second year of rooming with a dear friend who was Church of Christ and I was facing all sorts of questions I had never heard growing up in the Catholic faith. I had found some good resources online but when I began reading your book, I felt like it had been written to me! It was intriguing, encouraging, and empowering to read such a thorough response to common protestant/fundamentalist objections to the faith. Your book equipped me to make a stronger defense of the Catholic faith as well as to dive deeper into study of the church and for that I wish to share my gratitude. 
-Thomas B.

I have been a longtime subscriber and supporter of your work. This is by far the most useful newsletter [Issue #472] I have read to date. I have my Bible next to me and I’m wearing out my highlighter! I just need to commit these verses to memory, especially since I’m a member of a local Saint Paul Street Evangelism team here in Michigan.
     -Matt A.

You've been a blessing to me and have helped me in ways you can't imagine...
     -Fred W.


I’m not sure whether or not I am allowed to e-mail you, but I have an issue regarding the Protestants. Please, forgive me if I am overstepping any lines here...But how can I love the people who obstinately deny Catholics the title of “Christian” and claim that we are a pagan institution? I don’t know what to do….even “planting a seed” seems impossible when speaking to Evangelical Baptists about anything religious. They just turn it into a debate! As a highschooler speaking with Protestants my age, the way they respond to my ideas makes me think they are thoroughly indoctrinated from birth and will never consider my point...Please, do you have any recommendations?
     -Aidan B.

I am a Catholic convert (1980) American, living in England. I was a student of Alice von Hildebrand. I am involved in all kinds of apostolates here in England. Recently, a young wife, whose Catholic convert husband is watching some Protestant vs Catholic debates - on Purgatory - and is experiencing doubts, is asking me for help. I have sent her your website's post on Purgatory. Is there any way that you are personally able to engage with this convert husband?
     -H. Moore

Thank you for your ministry John. The Bible Christian Society was the one that brought me back to the church. God bless you and your team, always.
     -Clarence G.

Your writings are greatly valued and appreciated! Don’t quit!
-Gene in Mississippi
Former Baptist 

Dear John Martignoni,

How are you? For your information, I am sending you the progress report, photodocumentation and some details regarding the audioevangelization of Czechia and Slovakia, for which you generously allowed your amazing talks to be used (Thank you very much for that once again!)...therefore you can add more than 500,000 distributed talks to your statistics...
     -Miroslav Siman

I still read all your stuff and use your MP3s with new Christians. I will be making a donation in your next appeal as we benefit a lot from your ministry.
     -Anglican priest
     -United Kingdom

Closing Comments

In the 18 years I've been sending out these semi-annual requests for support, all I've ever asked for is just ten cents ($0.10) a day ($3/month; $36/year).  And that's what I'm asking for again.  If just 10% of you would commit to that, then I could devote myself full-time to the Bible Christian Society and develop a lot more materials - written and audio - as well as developing other evangelization projects that I've had on the drawing board, but just haven't had the time to get to them.  In a world that needs conversion to Jesus Christ more than ever, could you maybe spare a dime a day to help reach another soul...or two...or three...or...? 

I am going to add one other thing, though. If anyone out there has been blessed by God with an extra $2500 or $5000 or $10,000 or so that they could spare, we wouldn't refuse an investment of that size.  Just sayin'...[insert smiley face emoji here]. 

Regardless, though, of whether you make an investment in evangelization through the Bible Christian Society or not, please know that I am praying for you and your loved ones, and I ask for your prayers for me and mine, and for the Bible Christian Society.


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