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An Email to the Pastor of the church where Mike Gendron's Anti-Catholic YouTube Video was recorded

General Comments

Hey folks,

A couple of things:

1) Many thanks to all of you who sent donations - and kind words and prayers - in response to my semi-annual 10 cents/day appeal.  You guys are awesome!  And, as always, many thanks to all of you who support the Bible Christian Society on a regular basis throughout the year as well.  We're reaching tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people around the world each year with the truths of the Catholic Faith and it's all possible only because of each and every one of you.  So, again, thank you!

2) As I do on occasion, I want to let you know about another Catholic apostolate that is doing some good work and, in particular, one of their products - the Catholic Bible Storybook - which, seems to me, would make an excellent Christmas gift for folks with young children.  Here's their information:

Catholic Bible Storybook
Faith Platforms’ Catholic Bible Storybook contains 52 beautifully animated Bible stories centered around Salvation History. The Catholic Bible Storybook helps families see the unity of the Old Testament with the New Testament in a way that is unapologetically Catholic. As children learn about the Last Supper, for example, they will be shown the connection to the Jewish Passover and how Jesus instituted both the Holy Eucharist and the Catholic priesthood at that time. Beyond only the children’s Bible, the Catholic Bible Storybook includes a coloring book and an interactive app, which includes many animated Bible videos based on the 52 stories in the Bible Storybook.


Okay, no "regular" newsletter this week.  Instead, this is sort of a follow-up to the recent series of newsletters I did on Mike Gendron's anti-Catholic YouTube video (Issues #453-459 and 461).  I sent an email a few days ago to the pastor of the church in San Juan Capistrano where that vile video was taped.  The name of the church is the Revolve Bible Church and the name of its pastor is Ryan Day.

Essentially, as you'll see below, I let Pastor Day know that Mike Gendron has a bad habit of spreading misperceptions, half-truths, and outright lies about the Catholic Church.  And, I suggested to Pastor Day, that if the word "integrity" means anything to him and his church - which the church's website says it does - then he should allow someone to come in to his church to give an honest and accurate presentation on the Catholic Church and its teachings to counter the misinformation and lies that were put out there to his congregation by Mike Gendron.  I offered to come out to his church, at my own expense, to give just such a presentation.

So far, no response from Pastor Day.  I'll give him another few days, and if I still haven't heard anything, I'll up the ante a bit.  I mean, it seems to me, that even if you disagree with the teachings of another faith tradition, you wouldn't want to have any part in spreading lies and misinformation about that faith tradition - at least, not if you call yourself a Christian and believe yourself to be a man of integrity.  That's why, in all of my newsletters, I always let the other side speak for what they believe and why they believe it.  I let the Protestants tell you what they believe as opposed to my telling you what the Protestants believe.  Why?  Because I want to fairly and accurately represent the other person's beliefs.  I never want to make up things about another person's beliefs nor do I ever want to put words in another person's - or faith tradition's - mouth.  Because if I have to make up things about someone else's beliefs in order to make the arguments for my beliefs look better, then I need to either come up with better arguments, or better beliefs.  Error fears truth; truth does not fear error.

And, if you have unknowingly played a part in spreading lies and misinformation about another person's beliefs and faith tradition, as I hope is the case with Pastor Day, to more than a million people, then it seems to me you would want to do something to rectify that and to make it right.  Well, we'll see what happens.  I'll let ya know...


Email to Pastor Ryan Day of the Revolve Bible Church

Dear Pastor Day,

I am writing to you today to inform you that you are spreading false information, and thus doing a great disservice to the Body of Christ, through your YouTube channel.   On the website of your church, it is stated that you value integrity.  Well, I certainly hope that is true and that you will be open to a frank and honest conversation regarding what I am about to assert.  You see, on your YouTube channel you have posted a video of a talk given at your church by Mike Gendron.  The title of the video is: Ex-Catholic Exposes the TWISTED Teachings of the Catholic Church.  The explanation below the video states the following: "In this video, Mike Gendron, an ex-Catholic, visits Revolve to give a seminar that exposes the twisted, unbiblical, and outright satanic teachings of the Catholic Church that most people are completely unaware of."

The title of the video should actually be: Ex-Catholic Exposes His Twisted Understanding of the Teachings of the Catholic Church, as there is precious little that Mike Gendron accurately teaches about the Catholic Church.  He presents himself as expert in all things Catholic, yet much of the information he puts forth about the Catholic Church and its teachings - in his talks and through his website - is demonstrably false.  I have exposed the misperceptions, half-truths, and outright lies that he presents as authentic Catholic teaching any number of times in my past e-newsletters (www.biblechristiansociety.com/newsletter).   I have also called him out in direct correspondence with him for lying about Catholic teaching.  Yet, he continues to do so. 

For example, in his talk at your church, Gendron stated the following:
"Today you are probably aware that many Roman Catholics are baptized at 7-days old."  That is a patently false assertion.  I imagine there are some babies baptized when they are 7-days old; however, to say "many" are baptized at that age, as if it was some sort of teaching of the Church, is an absolutely ridiculous assertion.  I have participated in a number of Catholic baptisms over the years and not one of them was ever on an infant who was exactly 7-days old.  Now, this is a rather minor matter in relation to the rest of his video, but does not our Lord say to His servants that if He can trust them in small things, He will give them authority over greater things?  Which implies that if He can't trust you in the small things, then you can't be trusted with the greater things.  Mike Gendron can't even get the small things right about the Catholic Church, so how can he be trusted to get the big things right?

Speaking of which, Gendron also asserted this in his presentation:
"Then you have the 'Sacrifice of the Mass' in 500 A.D."  His assertion that the "Sacrifice of the Mass" was somehow invented and introduced into Catholic teaching in 500 A.D. is demonstrably false.  There are allusions to, and direct mentions of, the Mass in the writings of the Early Church Fathers - Clement in the 1st century and Irenaeus in the 2nd century as just two examples of that.  So he gets the minor and the major matters regarding Catholic teaching wrong, and he does so quite often.

Which is, again, why I am writing to you today.  As a self-professed Christian, and as a man who says the church he leads values integrity, I am asking you, as a matter of integrity, to remove that video - due to the misrepresentations and outright falsehoods regarding Catholic teaching that it contains - from your YouTube channel.  Furthermore, I would like to ask you a question: Have you ever had a fair and balanced presentation - maybe by an actual Catholic - at your church?  It seems to me to not be in accord with Christian charity that in order to "inform" your people about the teachings of the Catholic Church, you would invite a biased, bigoted, hater of the Catholic Church to your church to do so.  Where is the integrity in that?  Would you ask Nancy Pelosi to come in and give a talk at your church to inform your congregation about the Republican Party?  Would you think that she would give a fair, honest, and unbiased presentation about the Republican Party and its views and values?  If not, then why would you allow Mike Gendron to present his particular form of anti-Catholic bigotry to your congregation and expect that they would receive a fair, honest, and unbiased view about Catholicism?  If people want to disagree with what the Catholic Church teaches...fine.  But, don't you think they should disagree with what the Catholic Church actually teaches as opposed to what people falsely claim the Catholic Church teaches?

Mike Gendron left the Catholic Church because it would not, in accord with Scripture (Matt 19:9), recognize his 2nd marriage as a valid marriage.  He has been angry at the Catholic Church ever since.  As a result, for 40 years he has been spreading misinformation, half-truths, and outright lies about Catholic teaching. 

So, again, I ask you, in the spirit of Christian charity and integrity, to remove that video from your YouTube page.  I would also put to you this thought: If you would like your congregation to hear an honest and accurate view of Catholic teaching, then I would be willing to come out to your church - at my own expense - to make a presentation to your congregation.  I would be open to folks asking questions, to disagreeing with me, to presenting a counter view, and so on.   In other words, to present the "other side".  I have no problem with that.  I just believe your people have the right to hear an honest presentation of what the Catholic Church teaches and why, as opposed to the false information they got from Gendron's presentation.  As I always say: Error fears truth; truth does not fear error.  I simply feel, given the untold number of people who may have believed the false information in that video, that, at the very least, as a matter of justice, your congregation should have the opportunity to hear the truth about Catholic teaching.  Let them disagree all they want, but they should at least be allowed to have the misinformation they have been fed corrected. 

I look forward to hearing back from you.

In Christ,

John Martignoni
Bible Christian Society

Nunc est tempus, hic que locus!

Closing Comments

I hope all of you have a great week!

Compromising is a sure sign of not possessing the truth. When a man yields in matters of ideals, of honor or of faith, that man is without ideals, without honor, and without faith. Such a man would condemn Jesus to death again!
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