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One question for my subscribers...


Hey folks, 

In the last year, we've added about 15,000 subscribers to this newsletter.  That's without almost any kind of advertisement, whatsoever, other than the word-of-mouth advertising you guys give us.  Now, I know some of you are signing up your friends and family and co-workers - Catholic and non-Catholic alike - without necessarily telling them, which is fine.  Please feel free to use this newsletter as a way to anonymously evangelize by signing folks up for it.  But, I also know that there are a lot of folks who are signing up because one of you forwards the newsletter to them, they like what they read, and they want more.  All good.

So, my question - primarily to those of you who enjoy and learn from the newsletter but have never financially supported the Bible Christian Society (BCS) - is this: What can I do to get those of you, who are financially capable of doing so, to make the occasional donation to the BCS?

I don't ask for a lot, just 10 cents a day ($3/month; $36/year).  So, is what you learn from this newsletter, or from many of the other free written and audio materials on our website, worth $0.10 per day?  If it is, could I ask you to please prayerfully consider supporting our little apostolate?

Here's the thing: Right now we have about 2/10 of one percent of our subscribers who support this apostolate.  And, we are barely making it in regard to paying our expenses.  If I could get that up to just 1 percent, we could not only pay our expenses, but I could start a new project or two - like the podcast I've been wanting to do for a few years now - and, hopefully, reach tens of thousands of more people with the truths of the Catholic Faith through social media. 

If I could get the percentage of subscribers who support us up to 5%, then we could not only pay our bills and start several new projects - e.g., that aforementioned podcast, a full-blown evangelization ad campaign (radio, TV, internet, etc.), maybe even a Blue Collar Apologetics Study Bible, and more - that have been on the drawing board, but I would be able to get back to working for the Bible Christian Society on a full-time basis, which has been a goal of mine for a few years now.  That would mean more talks, more articles, more books, more internet evangelization on Facebook and such (maybe even a series of TikTok videos), more countering of the anti-Catholic propaganda of folks like Mike Gendron and his ilk, and more time to answer your questions and to support you one-on-one with your evangelization efforts. 

So, please, just take a moment or two to pray about it.  Are you open to making the Bible Christian Society one of the charities you support?  Are you open to investing in evangelization?  Again, if you have in any way profited from reading these newsletters, or listening to my talks, or if you think the good that others have gotten from these materials (see the "testimonials" below) is worthy of your support, then information on how to donate is down below. 

All I've ever asked for, in the 20 years I've been sending out these Apologetics for the Masses e-newsletters, is Ten Cents A Day.  That's it.  A dime a day.  That's just $3/month or $36/year.  That's one cup of coffee per month.  Could you spare one cup of coffee a month to invest in evangelization? 

Above all else, though...please pray for our mission.  And please know that we keep all of you in our prayers daily. 

I had a Gendron experience with a Pastor in our house who knowingly changed the meaning of Scripture to pull an entire family out of our Church...He still runs a megachurch in the area, and I dropped off your "One Church" talk with my phone number and asked him to call me.  Not happening....In fact I've given that talk to a number of Pastors and teachers, including professors of theology, with never a call.  How can you have faith and knowingly live a lie??

Michael N.
New Jersey

My husband and I both became Catholic in the past decade.  Along our journey of seeking truth, we heard you on the radio and also requested some of the free resources you provide.  As former Protestants, we had spent much time studying Scripture.  The strong biblical foundation of your teaching made it especially meaningful for us.  That is what drew us in, and along the way you shared insights from a perspective we had never heard before.  Your messages were clear and powerful, and addressed many misconceptions that we had held about what the Catholic Church teaches.  We had encountered many former Catholics in both Lutheran and evangelical churches that we attended.  We are thankful for your role in leading us to the fullness of the faith found in the church founded by Jesus Christ.
Judy N.
Omaha, Nebraska

     Cradle Catholic here who "sort of understood" that we follow the Church teaching through our Pope and Magisterium, but didn't think through that the New Testament is a partial record of Church history and teachings from Jesus and the Apostles.
     I've been blessed by your emails many times and continue to support your ministry.  Now, I have a better understanding of another factor in why Protestants struggle...they left the "fullness of Truth" when they departed the Catholic Church.
Jim W.

Please keep up the good work brother! I emailed you many years ago that you were the reason I returned to the church after a 16-year absence. I use your materials in the small group I lead so we can undo the works of men like this [Mike Gendron]. 

Greg M.

      I'm 67 and have taught Bible Study for umpteen years, adding in apologetics when I could. For the Fall, I have been asked to lead a study of Catholic Apologetics. Frankly,  I draw a lot from your materials - especially your online work and past CD's.
     Would you be okay if I just announced at the beginning that I rely a lot on your materials at BibleChristianSociety.com, and that a lot of what I will discuss is paraphrased from you? I am sure you can see how it would be difficult to quote from you all the time. I am also going to recommend they obtain your book Blue Collar Apologetics, though I can't make it a requirement. I don't know how many will come, but we hope for at least 25-30.
Larry S.

[Note: For anyone who wants to use my materials for an apologetics study, a Bible study, or teaching a class, or whatever...Yes!]

Dear John, [I'm] going round for round with Protestants and it's thanks to you for holding my own.

Keith P.
Dallas, TX

Finally, let me say that your talk on "One Church"...is what pulled me back from the abyss of Mike Gendron's false teaching...It shows without a doubt that there is only ONE option.  Once I saw the logic of it I knew Mike Gendron and anyone else teaching their own version of Christianity have to be wrong.  I am extremely grateful that you were used by God to pull me back to my senses.  Thank you John.  I am forever grateful.

Jeff S.


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