Apologetics for the Masses #458 - Mike Gendron's Anti-Catholic Video Eviscerated; Part 5

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Taking apart Mike Gendron's Anti-Catholic Viral Video...Piece-By-Piece.   

General Comments

Hey folks,

Just a reminder for those of you in South Carolina and surrounding areas that I'll be speaking at the 11th Annual Marian Eucharistic Conference in Greenville, SC, on October 13th and 14th.  Other speakers will be Fr. Donald Calloway, Fr. John Bartunek, Fr. Thomas Petri, and Jim Wahlberg.  Should be an excellent conference!  For more information and/or to register: https://meconferencesc.net/registration/

Would love to see you if you're in that area!


Continuing this week with the "analysis" of Mike Gendron's anti-Catholic YouTube video.  But, this one is a homework assignment.  I'm going to give you a number of quotes from the video and I want you to think about how you would respond if someone said these things to you.  Then, next week, I'll tell you how I would respond. 

Specifically, though, what I want you to do, is think about how you could respond to what he's saying with the least amount of words as possible.  No big explanations of what the Church teaches and why.  No long quotes from the Catechism.  Instead of answering each point he makes, are there maybe two or three underlying arguments that are being made by him, either explicitly or implicitly, that you could rip into to essentially shred everything he is saying?   Are there two or three main points that you could use to drive a stake through the heart of this evil he is presenting?  Think about it.  You've got one week...


11:00 - “So, let’s look at the differences between Roman Catholics and Evangelical Christians.  There are 7 that I would like you to look at...1) We have a different church; 2) We submit to a different authority; 3) We worship and trust a different Jesus; 4) We believe a different Gospel; 5) We have a different view of Mary; and please don’t miss this, 6) We have a different view of sin; and, ultimately, this leads to 7) A different path to eternity."

11:45 - “So, let’s look at each one of these with a little more detail.”  

{Here I’m going to sometimes summarize the differences that Gendron highlights, sometimes quote him as he goes through all 7 of these differences.  When I quote him, I will use quotation marks and it will be in italics.}

11:50 - 1) A Different Church - Christian vs. Catholic

a) The Christian church has only one head - Jesus Christ - vs. the Catholic Church which has two heads.  He mentions the papacy, but not the other head, so I'm assuming he means the 2nd head - according to the Word of Gendron - is Jesus Christ.  Catholics believe the papacy is the head of “not only the Catholic Church, but...the Christian church, at large.

b) “How do you join the church of Jesus Christ?...Only by the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.”  How do you join the Catholic Church?  By water Baptism.

c) “Every member of the Lord’s church is sanctified by the truth.  Members of the Catholic Church are inclusive and tolerant of all other religions.”

d) “The Christian church is Spirit-led, the Catholic Church is man-centered.”

e) “Every member of God’s church has their name enrolled in Heaven.  This disqualifies the Roman Catholic Church because they say their members can go to Hell if they die in mortal sin. We know we can never go to Hell once we’ve been born of the Spirit of God because of that great promise in Romans 8:1, ‘There is, therefore, now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

f) “The Christian church has two ordinances; the Catholic Church has seven sacraments.”

g) “The Christian church contends earnestly for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints; the Catholic Church departed from the faith of the Apostles.”

h) “The Christian church proclaims the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ; and the Catholic Church distorts the Gospel of Christ.”

15:07 - 2) “We also have a different authority that we submit to.  Christians submit to the supreme authority of Scripture in all matters of faith and practice.  Roman Catholics have three different authorities...Scripture is one, but they also have their Sacred Tradition and their infallible bishops.  So the issue of authority continues to be the biggest practical divide between Protestants and Catholics."  At last, something Mike and I agree on!

15:46 - This is an absolute gem from Gendron: “Last night we had an opportunity to witness to our server at the restaurant.  He said he was a Roman Catholic.  And I asked him, ‘What authority do you submit to, to know whether or not you believe the truth?’ And he deflected the question because he had no authority.  His authority was subjective.”  He then goes on to claim that the Magisterium “sits above” Scripture and Tradition.  “And they [the bishops] do an amazing job of twisting and distorting Scripture, so that it conforms to their ungodly tradition.”  

17:00 - He then cites Acts 17:11 and the example of the Bereans as a scriptural example of folks going by the Scriptures as their ultimate authority.  He says that the Bereans were “testing” Paul to find out if he was teaching the truth. “Shouldn’t your Pope come under the same scrutiny?  Shouldn’t your priests?  Shouldn’t anyone who opens the Bible be tested with Scripture?”

18:23 - “We look at the Lord Jesus in Mark, chapter 7 [v. 13], the apostate Jewish leaders were elevating their tradition to the point that it was nullifying the Word of God.  And so it is today with Roman Catholics.  They, too, nullify the Word of God for the sake of their tradition.”   

18:40 - “Scripture proves that Peter was not infallible.”  And he cites Matt 16:23 and Gal 2:11-14.

Closing Comments

I hope all of you have a great week. I pray every day for all of you and your families!  Please keep us in your prayers...


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