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Hey folks,

     I have a favor to ask.  If, by reading one of these newsletters in the past, you've ever learned more about your faith or been armed with the confidence and knowledge to share your faith with others, would you do me the kindness of taking just a few minutes to read through these testimonials below, and then, if you like what you read, consider making an investment in evangelization (aka donation) to the Bible Christian Society?

     These testimonials about the impact of the Bible Christian Society are from all over the world.  One thing to note is how often people take what they learn through our written and/or audio materials, and use that knowledge to evangelize and educate others.  That is the real power of the Bible Christian Society.  The multiplier effect.  We have almost 55,000 subscribers to this newsletter, and a great many of those subscribers are folks who use our materials - written and audio - in teaching their high school theology classes, their TV audience, their parish religion classes, their Bible studies, their adult education groups at the parish, their parishioners, and on and on.  There is a multiplier effect that results in the Bible Christian Society being involved in the evangelization of literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world each year.

     That happens for two reasons: 1) Because our materials are so grounded in simple logic and common sense - in addition to the Bible - that pretty much everyone from 6 to 106 can get something out of them, and 2) Because they are, for the most part, absolutely free.  I know of no other evangelization/apologetics apostolate that gives most of their materials away for free.  Do you? 

     And everything you're about to read, is made possible only by the support we receive from folks like you.  So, again, if you like what you read - if you like what we're accomplishing - would you please pray about helping us to reach even more people in 2023 with the truths of the Catholic Faith? 


I am a Permanent Deacon and these videos and newsletters are really helpful for my TV program with a priest in our own language on our local Catholic Divine Word TV and also in my momilies during Mass.

Deacon Mulipola

I love your two minute apologetics. I am practicing it on the YouTubers who are protestant. I clicked on one of their pastors who claim Scripture alone and made some comments refuting it. They fired back with how Mary had sinned and used that passage from Romans saying that all have sinned.  Keep up the good work and I quote all the time from this website. It is fantastic.

Stuart S.
United States

I am writing you regarding the audioevangelization project of Czechia [the Czech Republic] and Slovakia to inform you about the progress and to ask you for final approval of the result to be distributed...You granted me the non-exclusive permission to non-profitably (free-of-charge for end-users) reproduce and distribute some or all of the following Bible Christian Society audiotalks...Is everything OK and can I proceed with the production and distribution?

Miroslav Siman
Czech Republic

[The “project” Miroslav mentions is that he has translated my talks into his language and is planning a mass distribution of these materials, written and audio, to tens of thousands throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  Permission was, of course, granted.)

I find your newsletter very useful for my Bible study/sharing with my international groups here in Japan. It is short but concise explanation, with sense of humour. Keep on with the very good mission. God bless.

Sr. Nida Indelible,cm

We have a group of 35 or 36 friends that are really enjoying and learning from your series [Blue Collar Apologetics DVDs]. My brother John and Deacon Gary present them every Thursday evening with a repeat on Monday evening for those that aren't available on Thursday...During lunch after Mass on Sunday, I was telling my two teen-age grandsons that the non-Catholic version of the rapture isn't biblical and that the bible verses are really talking about the end times.  They listened very intently, so your series is definitely planting seeds of knowledge and faith.

United States

I am one of the people who benefited and still benefiting from the material you are producing. I was received into the body of our LORD and SAVIOUR, and finished RCIA last year. I understand my faith better and grow fast in it and into the true Church all because of BCS material that I have received for three years free of charge. I give the unceasing thanks to the one who made us coheirs together with Him our Brother and Friend JESUS CHRIST.

Thapelo Molahlehi
South Africa

I use your talks for materials to teach my first Communion class. These 7-8 year olds are so eager to learn. They are so anxious to read the Bible. We focus on scripture that talks about Confession and the True Presence of God in the Eucharist. I would never have found the correct readings without you.

Chris P.
Wenona, IL

I am one of your subscribers. I am Polish. I have a simple question. May I translate your letters and place them on our Polish site?

Rich Jurek

Any chance you might have some material I could use for our free weekly Catholic magazine in Ireland - The Open Door?  I have learned so much from listening to your teachings I would love to share them with our 6000 weekly readers, many of whom are former Catholics. You know, Ireland, the former 'land of saints and scholars' is now in serious need of help from the countries she evangelised over the centuries.

Seamus Kennedy, editor

So many people in India especially in the state where I'm coming from like to listen to your Youtube channel. Thank you for being a great help to me as I came back to the church when I heard one of your talks on Youtube. I have read all of your mails since I'm a subscriber to your email list. I'm 23 years of age and there are 4 friends of mine who considered attending Mass again because YOU convince them about the teaching of the church.


About two years ago, I had been rejuvenated by The Holy Spirit but I was still in search of a church to call home. I started attending a non denominational church because I was afraid of the negative rumors surrounding the Catholic faith. But my soul was craving the Fullness of the Truth. My brother sent me a link to your website where I was able to listen to your apologetics regarding The Pope, Mary, etc. I had many "Ah-Ha!" moments. Because of this, as well as praying to God and asking St. Padre Pio for his intercession, my heart felt content when I decided to come Home to Our Mother Church. Now, I'm serving The Lord in The Cathedral Choir of Our Lady of The Angels in Los Angeles, CA. My cup runneth over because I'm so grateful to be a practicing Catholic.

Karina R.
Los Angeles, CA

I do have something to ask you.....I've been noticing here with my friends and people around me and my family, that a lot of them don't even know the basics to defend our Catholic Church, and that has been bothering me a lot. So I wanted to ask you if I can use your audios and videos to help them out with this?

I started to translate [into Portuguese] everything from your website and the audios on apologetics you have. It s taking a lot of time, even more than I thought it would when I started. But if you say its OK to use them, I will keep translating everything, and will do some videos to share with them at church. So that's what I wanted to ask you....if you give me your consent, so I can use your material.

Mateus Andrade

(See below for information on how to invest in evangelization.)

Closing Comments

     In the 15+ years I've been sending out these semi-annual requests for support, all I've ever asked for is just ten cents ($0.10) a day ($3/month; $36/year).  And that's what I'm asking for again.  If just 10% of you would commit to that, then I could devote myself full-time to the Bible Christian Society and develop a lot more materials - written and audio - as well as start doing a regular podcast (that I guarantee you would not be boring!), and developing other evangelization projects that I've had on the drawing board, but just haven't had the time to develop them.  In a world that needs conversion to Jesus Christ more than ever, could you maybe spare a dime a day to help reach another soul...or two...or three...or...? 

     I am going to add one other thing, though.  In all the years I've been doing these newsletters, I've never written an appeal that was sensationalist - you know, those that use a lot of red ink and exclamation points and talk about this "emergency" or that "emergency" and how dire everything is.  Well, all I'm going to say here, is that if anyone out there has been blessed by God with an extra $2500 or $5000 or $10,000 or so that they could spare, we wouldn't refuse an investment of that size.  Just sayin' [insert smiley face emoji here]. 

     Regardless, though, of whether you make an investment in evangelization through the Bible Christian Society or not, please know that I am praying for you and your loved ones, and I ask for your prayers for me and mine, and for the Bible Christian Society.


     The Bible Christian Society is a non-profit organization that relies solely on your support to bring the truths of the Catholic Faith to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the U.S. and all around the world each year.  If you would like to help us do what we do, you can donate online at:

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                                                              Anything you can do is greatly appreciated!

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