Apologetics for the Masses - Issue #51

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General Comments

Hey folks, I’ll have the regular issue out on Friday. Below are a couple of quotes that I wanted to share with you from folks that some of you have helped.

“I wanted to thank you for your excellent set of apologetic CDs. I ordered a set for my husband at the suggestion of a friend. He has never been much interested in listening to me or anyone else speak at length on the teachings of the Church. Thanks to your CDs, he has learned how exciting and liberating Catholic doctrine truly is. The experience has bolstered our faith in the Church, in Jesus and in one another. We now have a much greater appreciation of what Jesus left us in the Church and what he has given us as husband and wife. Thank you so much ”

Irene Compton

Bakersfield, CA


“I’m a Senior in high school and I am sometimes attacked for being a Catholic. Your tapes have helped considerably not only for my Protestant friends, but myself as well. I can’t express enough what a wonderful thing you are doing to help Catholics grow stronger in their faith and the tools you are providing for them to reach out to our Protestant brothers and sisters.”

Janna Wackernagel

Montague, MI


Let me ask you a question: If you knew you could do something to help folks like Janna and Irene and Irene’s husband grow in their faith along the lines of what you just read, would you do it? If you knew you could do something to help folks grow closer to Christ, to the Church Christ established, and to their family and friends, would you do it? If you answered, “Yes, I would love to be able to do something to impact people’s lives like that,” then please go on to the next question:

Would you give $0.10…ten cents…if you knew your money was going to have the kind of impact on people’s lives that the two quotes above talk about? 10 cents?


That’s my challenge for this newsletter…it’s my twice-a-year ten cent challenge. Those of you who have donated to the Bible Christian Society in the past, who have helped us to stay afloat so that we can spread the word about the Catholic Faith through tapes, CDs, mp3 downloads, newsletters, and so on…every single one of you is responsible for what happened in the lives of Janna and Irene and Irene’s husband. And, you are responsible for what is happening in the lives of many, many other people in this country and all around the world, as well. The Bible Christian Society cannot do what it is doing without you!

For those of you who have not yet invested in the activities of the Bible Christian Society, don’t you want to get in on this and share some of the blame for what goes on around here? We send our talks out to folks in all 50 states and to about 30 countries so far. The Philippines, India, South Africa, France, Nigeria, and many others. I’ve even just gotten word that some of our CDs have lit a fire of sorts in Samoa amongst the bishop, some priests, and members of the laity. Don’t you want a share in the responsibility?!

As folks who have been reading this newsletter since at least last November know, I come to my readers twice a year, via email, to ask for your help. That’s all, just twice a year. I do so because I need your help to continue the activites of the Bible Christian Society. We rely solely on donations to keep doing what we’re doing.

Unlike a lot of organizations that send out fundraising appeals every 2-3 weeks, telling you about this emergency or that emergency that they need you to send the largest possible check for, I just ask you, twice a year, if you can spare $0.10 a day. Ten cents a day – $3.00 per month – to support the evangelization and apologetics activities of the Bible Christian Society. That comes out to just $36.00 per year.

If each of you who received this newsletter on a regular basis would give an average of just ten cents a day, we could not just continue doing what we’re doing, we could expand our activities tremendously and reach even more souls for Christ and His Church.

You know, I have yet to meet anyone who has a computer and monthly internet service, who cannot afford a dime a day. So, my challenge to you, dear readers, is can you…will you…invest $.10 a day in evangelization? Will you help us to reach a whole lot more folks like Janna and Irene with the truths of the Catholic Faith? Will you help us to reach more folks with the truths of Jesus Christ that will set them free…that will change their lives?

In Conclusion

If you answered, “Yes,” then I thank you. If you answered, “No,” then I thank you as well. But, I also ask you to please email me and let me know what we can do to get you to change your mind. (As you may have noticed from my newsletters, I don’t easily take “No” for an answer.)

If you did answer, “Yes,” then I would ask you to please take a moment right now to visit the “Donations” page on our website (www.biblechristiansociety.com) and invest in our activities. If you could make a donation of $18.00 now, and then again in six months when I make my next appeal, that would average out to ten cents a day. If you can’t do $18.00 right now, then whatever investment you can make will be much appreciated! If you can make a larger donation, that would also be much appreciated. Again, I’m just asking you to share in the blame for what we’re doing. Folks like Janna and Irene and Irene’s husband will luv ya for it!

Or, if you would rather send a check, please make your check out and send it to:

Bible Christian Society, POB 424, Pleasant Grove, AL 35127.

Thank you!


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