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Hey folks,

     Would you do me a favor?  I'm going to ask you to take just a few minutes and read through the testimonials in this newsletter, and then prayerfully consider whether or not the Bible Christian Society is worthy of your support.  Yes, this is my semi-annual "10 cent" appeal for your financial support - support which helps us to reach hundreds of thousands of people all over the country, and around the world, with the truths of the Catholic Faith. 

I get so much out of your work both on a personal level and in preparing my RCIA lessons.  I think I am the only one at my parish concerned about this, but want our candidates and catechumens to know what opposition they are going to hear about the faith and hopefully have an idea of how to defend against it, or at least know that a solid defense exists and where they can go to find it (e.g., your site)...your site played a very large role in my reversion back to the Church, so I am eternally grateful to you and your work..."
     Brandon L.
     New Jersey

     These testimonials, from folks who have gotten ahold of the materials we offer through the Bible Christian Society - most of which are absolutely FREE - will give you some idea of the scope of our work and why, I believe, we are worthy of your support.  There are quotes here from people all over the world.  And, what makes me happier than anything, is that many of the testimonials I receive are from folks who haven't just used our materials to deepen their own understanding of the faith, but they have then used what they've learned to evangelize others.  That is the real power of what we do here!  We teach the Catholic Faith in such a way that others can not only understand it better, but they can easily repeat what they've learned so as to share the faith with others and teach them, too!

     That's because we make it simple.  Our methodology relies a lot on common sense and simple logic - not on deep study in Theology or Philosophy.  Not that deep study in those areas of discipline is bad or anything, it's not!  It's all good.  But, the vast majority of Catholics are not in a situation where they can make a deep study of Theology and Philosophy, so they need materials that are easy to understand and, just as importantly, easy to repeat.  That is the strength of the Bible Christian Society.  Most folks can take what we do, make it their own, and repeat it to others, thus planting seeds of the faith.

I must say, I was really surprised when I saw your mp3 downloads are for free on the website, Lol so I downloaded them all before you could change your mind and start charging!  Any way I am in South Africa, I would really like to make a small donation..."

     Tieho M.
     South Africa

     Almost everything we do here is FREE.  FREE is a very good price.  Also, one other thing that we've been doing the last few years, that I don't know of any other Catholic apostolate doing anything similar, is engaging the general public using mass media and social media.  We have been running a billboard campaign here in Alabama - in the Birmingham and Huntsville areas - over the last several months that put various ads about the Catholic Church out there to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people.  Certain pages on our website have been hit thousands of times as a result.  We've used TV ads, full page newspaper ads, ads on Facebook and Youtube, millions of banner ads on the internet, targeted email blasts, geofencing, and more.  Cutting edge marketing techniques that have helped to plant seeds of the faith with literally millions of people in the last few years.  And more is on the way.  I'm currently talking to a donor about doing a billboard evangelization campaign in major cities in various parts of the United States!  But we need your help to keep it all going.

     So, after reading the testimonials here, please pray about supporting us.  Definitely we need your prayer support - first and foremost - but if you could also provide some financial support, it would help us continue to make the kind of impact you will be reading about below.

     And remember, all I ever ask for is 10 cents a day.  That's it.  10 cents a day - $3.00 per month.  If you can do more...great!  But if you could do at least the 10 cents...it would be greatly appreciated!  (By the way, we have recently revamped our "Donations" page on the website, making it easier to make regular donations, removing PayPal as the main credit card processor, and allowing donations via e-checks.) 

     (Please think of all of these statements below as being directed to you, because it is only due to your support that any of this is possible!)


I'm a Dominican brother here in Taiwan.  I open up an apologetics web on Facebook, YouTube, podcast, to help people know more about Catholic Faith in Chinese language. I found that your site has a lot of good materials, so I would like to ask you for permission that I could translate your article into Chinese if I see fits, and post on my site...

      Br. Kimat Nangavulan, OP
      Founder and Apologist for Asia Apologetic Center.

Permission was, of course, granted to Bro. Kimat, so now a number of our materials are being translated into Chinese.


The resources you provide are incredible and like nothing I have ever found. The logical, thorough and methodical approach you take in explaining and defending Catholic doctrine is immensely helpful. I wish I could spend the entire day listening to and digesting your material over and over.

                    Aaron R.

Logical, common sense approach to apologetics and evangelization that is easy to understand, and easy to repeat. 


I have never had to have proof that God exist, I'm a cradle Catholic from birth.  I'm having an issue with a dear friend who claims to be agnostic, he says prove to him there is a God. Don't tell him you just have to have faith and believe. He was raised around the baptist church and was never baptized...I hope you can help.

     Teresa H.

I get requests for help, like this one, or questions about the faith, on pretty much a daily basis, from people all over the world.  I do my best to provide answers, but I receive hundreds upon hundreds in any given year - too many to deal with on a less than full-time basis. I keep hoping I can one day go full-time with the Bible Christian Society so as to be able to answer more questions and provide more help to folks like Teresa.


I am incredibly thankful for your apologetics work. Your work, more than that of anyone else, has drawn my heart and mind into the true Church that Jesus founded. I still have not crossed into the "end zone" officially...but I pray that day will come soon.

      Peter A.

There are a good number of non-Catholics who receive this newsletter.  Some have, eventually, come into the Church, while others are still not "all in".  But, even for the latter, reading the newsletter has drawn them closer to the true Church


Wanted to let you know, I had an opportunity to use the authority argument today in a discussion with a fallen away Catholic. I am also working through Blue Collar Apologetics, and am considering using it as a text book next year for a Teen Apologetics class I teach.
     Andrew W.
Using our materials to evangelize, and also teaching others how to do the same.  I am hoping that a lot of folks involved with teaching in the schools and the parishes and in homeschools will be using my book - Blue Collar Apologetics - in exactly the same way.
I've been listening to [your mp3 downloads] with great interest. You have answered questions for me that I was never able to get answers for from my Protestant brothers. Things like, "where in the bible does it say we're saved by faith alone?" and "where does it say the bible alone?" For me...listening to your talks is putting things in place for me...Thanks again for everything. It's been good for my spirit to learn the answers to so many questions that I had when I was a protestant.
     Roger Y.
I have the habit of reading through your emails, appreciating the theological reasoning and making use of it to build up my theological base. Your write-ups also serve as the basic material I use in teaching my parishioners here in Algeria, who are mostly foreign students. It has been very helpful.
     Fr. Henry
You might recall I am a protestant and your responses to my questions were different than those to Martin, and you have given me many important things to think about, especially that concerning our stance on sola scriptura. That has really been weighing on me. 
     David K.
Catholic, Protestant; priests, deacons, laity...and even the occasional bishop; those with advanced degrees, those with no degrees; male, female; all across the country and all across the world - the resources provided through the Bible Christian Society are helping folks learn the truths of the Catholic Faith which, in turn, is helping them grow closer to Christ, because the truths of the Catholic Faith are the truths of Jesus Christ Himself.  It is His church.  It is His spouse.  Please prayerfully consider making a donation today to help us reach even more people with those truths.

Closing Comments

     All of these testimonials - from across the U.S., from Taiwan, Algeria, South Africa - and so many other countries that we receive on a weekly basis, are all because of your support for this apostolate.  You have helped us to bring the truths of the Catholic Faith to a whole bunch of folks here in the U.S. and in many countries around the world, and through them we are reaching tens or even hundreds of thousands more. 
     But there is so much more we can be doing...so many more souls we need to reach with these truths...so many more people who need to be brought closer to Jesus Christ through His Church.  So, again, please prayerfully consider supporting us. 
And I hope and pray that all of you and your loved ones have a happy and holy Christmas season, and that the New Year brings you many blessings!
     [See the information on how to donate below.]


     The Bible Christian Society is a non-profit organization that relies solely on your support to bring the truths of the Catholic Faith to tens of thousands of people throughout the U.S. and all around the world each year.  If you would like to help us do what we do, you can donate online at:


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