Apologetics for the Masses #403 - Most Vile Anti-Catholic I've Ever Encountered

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Most vile anti-Catholic I've ever come across.


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General Comments

Hey folks,

     You haven't heard from me in a few weeks because it's been a very busy July and August for me - put on a conference on the Eucharist at Mother Angelica's Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville; organized a large luncheon for the Catholic Business and Professional Network; started planning a high school bus trip for the diocese to the March for Life in DC in January (hoping it happens this year!); and, taking a much needed long weekend vacation - went golfing with some fraternity brothers from the U of A - amongst other things.   

     But, things are trending back to some sense of "normalcy" now, so I hope to get this newsletter out on a regular basis for at least the next few months or so.  And, I just want to remind you, that you can now purchase copies of my book - Blue Collar Apologetics: Explaining and Defending Catholic Teaching Using Common Sense, Simple Logic, and the Bible - from EWTN Publishing.  Here is a link you can use to order the book if you are so inclined:



     Okay, I've been promising you a newsletter that highlights (or maybe "lowlights" would be a better term), the most vile anti-Catholic I have ever personally encountered.  Well, here it is.  This guy's name is Kevin Reynolds and his name needs to be put out there so that he can absolutely publicly own everything he believes.  He is the Founder and President of the American House Cleaners Association.  They have a page on Facebook.  He claims they have 25,000 members all across the country.  I mention that because I am hoping that you guys will post some of this information about him on your Facebook pages and other such social media so as to let the Catholics who may be in that organization know exactly what the founder of the group thinks about them and their religion.  And to also let the non-Catholic Christians who are members know about him as well, because he espouses beliefs that I'm sure many of them would find repugnant.

     This conversation is a bit odd...bizarre, actually...but you'll understand why that is once you start reading what he believes and the attitude that he immediately hit me with.  Anyway, I wanted to post this so that you will be aware that, yes, there are still folks out there like this - folks who hate Catholics and the Catholic Church so much that it drives them to think and say rather bizarre things, but also so that you can see that it is not necessary to just sit back and "take it" from people like this.  Satan is alive and well on planet Earth. 

     And before anyone writes me to tell me that I wasn't being very "Christian" to this guy, please read chapter 23 of Matthew and let me know if you think Jesus was being very "Christian" with what He said to the scribes and Pharisees.  I didn't say anything to him that was worse than what Jesus said to the scribes and Pharisees.

     I will give his posts, then my responses to those posts, and then my comments about what was said.  His posts will be in italics. 


Kevin Reynolds

I was a Catholic apologist. Mary is evil. Would you like to hash it out, John?


John Martignoni

Sure, Kevin...we can "hash it out".  But, instead of just the two of us hashing it out, do you mind if I invite 40,000 of my closest friends to witness the conversation?



This guy contacts me out of the blue - don't even know how he got my name - claiming to be a former Catholic apologist, and this is the first thing he says to me..."Mary is evil."  The mother of Jesus Christ is evil?!  The woman through whom salvation came into the world is evil?!  Really?!  I knew right away that this was going to be a "lively" exchange and that I would want to put it in my newsletter. 


Kevin Reynolds
Most definitely - thought you would never ask! I have a community of 25k. I’ll invite them as well. Let me know when works for you and if you’d like us to host it.

Rules are - only you can answer. You’ll have to leave your friends out if it, but they’re are certainly welcome to watch.

Next rule - I’ll have my wife with me. So should you.


John Martignoni

Well, first of all, who is "us"?  Secondly, I'm talking about a written dialogue - via email - that I can share with the 40,000 subscribers to my e-newsletter.  And don't worry, I am the only one who will answer. 

My rules are: When asked a question you have to first give a direct and succinct answer - yes, no, Scripture verse, etc. - and then you are free to explain it all you want.



Had, and still have, no clue as to why I would need to have my wife with me. That was the first step down the path of the bizarre.  And also had no idea what "friends" he was talking about that he was worried about me getting answers from.  But, I asked, and was given permission, to share our conversation with 40,000 of "my closest friends" and he had no issues with it being made public.  He said he was planning on sharing it with his "community" of 25,000, as well.  So here it is.


Kevin Reynolds
Bring it on, John. 
I get to ask questions to right? Where you need to answer clearly? You go I go?


John Martignoni
First, who is "us"?  You and your wife?  Your community?  What community is that? 

Secondly, why do you need your wife with you for an email exchange?  Do you mean she will be answering questions along with you? 

Thirdly, yes, you get to ask questions and I always answer questions as directly as possible.



He ignored my question about who exactly is the "us" he mentioned.  So, I asked it again.  I wanted to get him used to the idea that if I ask a question, I expect an answer.  And, if I don't get an answer, I'm going to keep asking the question. 


Kevin Reynolds
My wife and I, John. We’re one flesh.
Why the hell wouldn’t she and I be together?
I didn’t know it was over email either, but we are perfectly fine with that!
Before we get started, is your first allegiance to the United States of America or to the Holy Roman Catholic Church?
Pick one - you cannot say to Jesus Christ. That’s not an option here.

John Martignoni
There is no need for cursing.  If that is the attitude you're going to have when I'm just asking you some simple questions, then we can stop this before we start.  Now, for practice on direct answers to questions:

1) Will your wife, then, be answering questions along with you?  I'm simply asking so that I can let my readers know who it is participating in the dialogue.  I don't care how many people you have answering for you or with you, I just want to know who they are so I can accurately convey that information to my readers. 

2) What is the "community" of 25,000 to which you have referred?



     Again, he gives permission to publicly share our conversation, this time specifically via an email newsletter.  He was wanting some sort of live, televised, online debate, apparently, but I find little use in something like that.  In a written debate, you can really hash out the issues...that is, of course, if you have two participants who know how to engage in a rational and logical discussion. 

     Secondly, I repeat the question I asked about his "community" that had gone unanswered.  You need to, if you haven't already, adopt that practice of repeating unanswered questions whenever you talk religion and Bible with someone.  If you don't, you will be continually frustrated with those conversations.  Plus, I quite often separate out the questions I ask from the rest of the verbiage in a conversation, as I did here, and number the questions, so that they cannot be easily overlooked.

     Finally, here we go with the old are you loyal to Rome or to the United States of America garbage.  This guy is living in the 19th century with this stuff.  And, notice how he tries to confine my answer by telling me how I am not allowed to respond.  So, I just turned it around on him, as you'll see in a minute.


Kevin Reynolds
“There is no need for cursing. If that is the attitude you're going to h…”

John, who determines what is cursing or not? You?? Look, I’m an American, I speak how I want to - and I’m responsible for everything I say and do.

Second- I’m an American. Is your allegiance first to Rome over the USA?

I don’t want to waste a second of my time with a traitor.

My wife and I are one flesh - as we were created in the image and likeness of the Father and the Holy Spirit.

When she moves I move. When I speak she speaks through me.


John Martignoni
What a crock.  Look, you came to me.  I don't have time for people who talk big and tough and are more interested in hurling insults and epithets than they are in actually carrying on an intelligent and rational dialogue.  Do you want to have this conversation or not?



There is absolutely no reason for him to act like a jerk and so I called him out on it.  You need to do the same with folks who act in a similar fashion.  "I'm an American I speak like I want to..."  Really?!  And he doesn't want to waste time with a "traitor"?!  How utterly ridiculous this guy's thinking and behavior is.  If he thinks Catholics are traitors and he doesn't waste his time on traitors, then why did he contact me in the first place?  If he doesn't snap out of this, then there really is no reason to continue the conversation.  You cannot have a productive conversation with someone who acts and speaks in such a manner, so don't waste your time trying.


Kevin Reynolds
Yep, looking forward to it.


John Martignoni
Very good, then let's try this again:

1) Will your wife be answering questions along with you...yes or no?  And, please, none of this, "When I speak she speaks through me."  Because if that's true, then are you saying that when you say something stupid, that it is actually your wife saying something stupid through you?  I mean, you've already contradicted yourself: On the one hand, you claim to be "responsible for everything [you] say and do."  On the other hand, you say that when you "speak she speaks through [you]."  So, did you contradict yourself or was that your wife contradicting herself through you?  In other words, a simple yes or no will suffice. 

2) What is the "community" of 25,000 to which you have referred?  Is the 25,000 member community to which you have referred the American House Cleaners Assoc.?  If so, how do you plan on sharing our dialogue with them?



Again, repeating the questions that have not yet been answered about his wife and his "community" before moving on.  And also letting him know that I will not put up with ridiculous answers such as, "When she moves I move. When I speak she speaks through me."     


John Martignoni

(After not hearing from him for several days, I sent him this.)

So, I guess we're done then, eh?  By the way, before you go, could you answer one question: Abortion is the law of the land, but the Church says abortion is wrong.  Is your allegiance first to your church, or to the USA?  I don't waste a second of my time with a traitor.

Oh, and do the 25,000 members of the American House Cleaners Assoc. know about your anti-Catholic bigotry?  I doubt you have the courage to tell them, do you?



     First, tweaking him to see if I could get a response...which I did.  Second, using his logic about being a "traitor" against him.  I used the issue of abortion, but you could also use the issue of same-sex "marriage" (so-called), or euthanasia, or adultery, or fornication, or any other moral issue along those lines that traditional Christianity - Catholic or Protestant - view as being wrong, yet the U.S. government says they are okay...no big deal.  So, is your loyalty to the Christian church, or you could say to the Bible, or to the United States of America?  Same logic as asking if one's loyalty is to Rome or to the USA?  Logic that is not just flawed, but is a bit bizarre.  I mean, does he think Catholics are stealing military secrets to give to the Pope or some such thing? 

     And, just so you can prepare yourself, this next post of his is where it gets really bizarre.


Kevin Reynolds
     Our personal followers and our businesses are completely separate from our religious dealings.  We don’t talk politics or religion in our businesses.
     You, stand as a traitor to the United States of America with your first allegiance to Rome.  Americans fought and died to keep the Roman church out of our country.  Did you forget about that?

     Unless you can agree to have a #Live conversation with us - and recorded - we don’t have the time to waste with an American traitor who edits emails.
     Your integrity is shot.  Your evil Church is going down.  Let me ask you this.  Is pedophilia, child sacrifice, and cannibalism the law of the land for the Roman Church?

     Explain to me why...so many Catholics and Catholic led “rituals” and “ceremonies” include eating babies and drinking baby blood?  Are you in all that, John?  Most devout Catholics (like you claim to be) certainly are.


John Martignoni
     Wow!  Of course your personal followers and businesses are completely separate from your "religious dealings," because if the folks you do business with knew what an anti-Catholic bigot you are, they wouldn't be doing business with you.  Maybe I should let folks know about that? 

     So, first you agree to a written dialogue, but now it has to be "live" and "recorded".  In other words, you've already gone back on your word.  Is that the sign of a genuine follower of Christ - someone whose word isn't worth spit?  Regarding "editing emails," you and I have never exchanged an email, so now you're resorting to making things up.  Again, is that the sign of a genuine follower of Christ - making up lies about others?  By the way, this conversation is being recorded...in writing.

     "Americans fought and died to keep the Roman church out of our country."  What a crock.  Tell me, is that bit of ignorance from you, or is that your wife speaking through you?  You do know a Catholic signed the Declaration of Independence, right?  Probably not - facts don't seem to be your strong point. 

     Eating babies?  My gosh, you are way out there, dude.  Did you ever eat a baby when you were a Catholic?  Ever see anyone eat a baby?  Is making things up and lying about someone else's religious beliefs and practices a sign of a genuine follower of Christ?  When this is sent out to the 40,000 folks on my newsletter list, I am going to ask them to post on their FB pages that the founders of the American House Cleaners Assoc. are rabid anti-Catholic bigots who claim that Catholics eat babies and drink baby blood and who say Mary, the mother of Jesus, was evil.  Hopefully that should get back to the folks in your Association who deserve to know what you think about the Catholic faith.  I would think that ought to get some folks attention.  Wow!  Just...wow!

     Now, back to my question - the law of the land here in the United States says it's okay to kill babies, the church says otherwise.  Is your 1st loyalty to the church or to the United States?



     This is where he went totally off the rails.  If you think he is just trying to be obnoxiously funny or use extreme hyperbole, he's not.  He's dead serious about Catholics eating babies and drinking "baby blood".  The guy is out there in la-la land.  And, as I mentioned in my response to him, of course he doesn't talk religion in his businesses.  He knows, with absolute certaintly, that if the people in his association or whose houses he cleans - the Catholics, at least - knew what he thought of them and their religion, they would not do business with him.  Which makes him a first class hypocrite!  He has to hide who he really is and what he really thinks in order to keep taking the money of the folks who drink baby blood, and who he absolutely hates and despises. 

     So, when he comes across Catholics, he is undoubtedly all nice and polite and cordial to their faces - i.e., more than happy to take their money - while behind their backs he thinks they are murderers and rapists (see his next post below) and cannibals!  Would you do business with someone you thought was a murderer, a rapist, and who ate baby flesh and drank baby blood?  Could any Christian do business with such people?  I wouldn't and dare say not a single person reading this newsletter would.  But, Mr. Kevin Reynolds does.

     Prepare yourself, it's about to get even more bizarre.


Kevin Reynolds

You are already lying to me about this very dialogue. This is only a shadow of what you would do with an email - I’ve seen your phony dialogues before. I didn’t promise to go back and forth over email, and even if I did, it doesn’t matter. Going #live would be a much more honest way of presenting both sides.

But you can’t do that because you have to mute and hang up on those that call into your show, don’t you? I’ve heard it happen when I used to listen. Thanks for planting those seeds of doubt in you and the evil church. 

Are you threatening our young family with nine kids because of what we believe and know to be true about the Bible, which you haven’t even heard the half of yet?  Is that the mark of a good Christian leader?

My wife grew up in the pits of hell in the 9th circle of the Roman Catholic Church.  During my wife’s healing process she studied the Bible almost non stop for months and months. It gave comfort. It gave her answers. The Catechism drove in the last nails to leave the church and understand why she went through what she went through. It made it clear why the Catholic Church’s elite sacrifice baby’s to Mary and for Mary. It made it clear why young girls, like her, got raped to then have their babies taken from them for the sacrificial ceremonies, and killed in front of them. Everyone knows the church is doing this. No clergy denies it, try to ask them, they all know it happens.

Also, as far as the “blessed” virgin, let’s just stick to this. Simeon’s prophecy says that Mary shall have a “lance” “pass-through” her “spirit” or “soul” - there is only ONE thing this choice of words can mean coming from a Jewish priest - she WILL EXPERIENCE SPIRITUAL DAMNATION. That’s what the Jews meant when talking specifically about the spirit dying.  The rest of the translation, which has been tampered with in the English, of course, clearly states the Mary would stand as a contradiction to “her son” and when she is exposed of all of her evils, it will not only kill her spiritually but it will “reveal the hearts of men”.

Keep threatening - but you are simply a Satan worshipper and it sounds like you know it.  We can not justify even speaking to you again. It’s not worth it. You are too far gone. Good luck, keep praying your rosaries and babbling prayers to Satan. ??

John Martignoni
     So, your wife, and other young girls she knew, were raped by priests/bishops and their babies were taken from them and sacrificed to Mary and then the babies were cut up and given to Catholics who ate their flesh and drank their blood?!  Really?!  Wow!  Just WOW!  Again, you are way out there, dude!  Is lying and making up wild tales about another person's religion the sign of a true follower of Christ?

     Next, you say that I'm lying to you about the dialogue - that you "didn't promise to go back and forth over email".  Well, if you look back at the posts, this is exactly what you said when I mentioned doing this via email, "I didn’t know it was over email either, but we are perfectly fine with that!"  You said you were "perfectly fine with that," but now you're not perfectly fine with that.  And you go so far as to say that even if you "promised," it doesn't matter.  In other words, you admit that your word is absolutely worthless.  So, who is it being a bit loose with the truth here? Again, is that the sign of someone who is a true follower of Christ.

     And, by the way, how is letting people in your American House Cleaners Assoc. know what you truly believe and feel about Catholics and the Catholic Church somehow "threatening" your family?  Are you not proud of your beliefs?  Will you not stand by your beliefs?  Or are you ashamed of what you believe and you're afraid to let folks know what you believe - especially since you want money from them?  So, you want money from all the Catholics and decent Christians who are part of your American House Cleaners Assoc., but you don't want them to know what you really think of their beliefs and their church, is that it?  What a hypocrite!  And, hiding behind your children...how disgusting and cowardly is that?

     So, here's the deal, I'm just going to ask straight up: Are you okay with me sharing your views about the Catholic Church with people on Facebook and in my e-newsletter and, particularly, with folks in the American House Cleaners Assoc.?  Yes or no?



     His assertions about his wife, and other young girls, being raped by clergy and then having their babies taken from them and sacrificed to Mary are why I said he is the vilest anti-Catholic I have ever come across.  Either he actually believes such things - which probably means he has some issues with discerning reality - or he doesn't believe any such thing and he is saying these things just to be hateful and spiteful and malicious, which also speaks to some sort of personality issues.  Either way, I hope the people, especially the Catholics, in his American House Cleaners Association are somehow informed of what he believes and of his true attitudes towards Catholics and the Catholic Church.  Evil prospers when it isn't exposed to the light.

     By the way, I was not asking his permission to share his views about the Catholic Church on Facebook and in this newsletter - he had already given that.  I was wanting to know how he felt about his views being out there in the realm of public knowledge.  I wanted to know if he was going to own it and stand proud or if he was going to admit that he is a hypocrite to the max and was not comfortable having people find out what he really believes.  I never got an answer to that question, as he blocked me on Facebook after he sent me that last message.  The ol' let's take one last potshot and then run away and hide routine that I have seen any number of times from people who cannot handle rational and reasonable questions and arguments about their beliefs.

    This conversation took place back in May and, as I said, it seemed to have ended with his blocking me.  However, he has apparently now unblocked me as he has sent me a couple of messages in the last week - just more of the same garbage about killing babies and such.  I haven't really responded, yet.  If I do, then I might include the rest of the "conversation" in another newsletter - depending on the level of rationality in his posts (which I don't have high hopes for).  So, maybe you'll get one more dose of Kevin Reynolds, maybe not.  Either way, I hope, if you know of someone who cleans houses for a living, that you will ask them if they are a member of the American House Cleaners Assoc.  If they are, please inform them of the beliefs of the head of that organization.  They have a right to know.

Closing Comments

     After reading this, are you maybe kind of glad that you haven't come across anyone that far deranged when it comes to their hatred of all things Catholic?  Or, maybe you have and you can take away something from this conversation - as in, don't engage with these folks any more!  The only reason I do is so that I can use the experience as subject matter for this newsletter - to teach others what to watch out for and what to stay away from. 

     Finally, one last take away from all of this: please pray for this man and his wife.  Such hatred.  Such animosity.  It destroys one's soul.  And I don't know if she truly believes the things he said happened to her actually happened, but whether she does or not, she is apparently steeped in the same hatred for the Church of Christ that he is.  They both need a lot of prayer.


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