Apologetics for the Masses - #386; What Have We Done?

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What Have We Done?  What Do We Do?


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General Comments

Hey folks,

     Twice a year I share with you a few of the comments we receive from people who have benefitted from what we do here at the Bible Christian Society.  And it is just "a few" of the comments, as we receive literally hundreds of emails and letters every year about the effectiveness of the Bible Christian Society and how people are benefitting from our materials.  So, I share a few of them with you twice a year in the hope that you will think and pray about supporting this apostolate and, in so doing, help us to reach even more people around the world with the truths of the Catholic Faith. 

     And the thing that I hope you will notice about many of the comments below, is that people are able to not just learn more about the Catholic Faith for their own personal benefit and conversion, but that they are able to repeat what they learn and teach and evangelize others also.  It's a multiplier effect.  So, while this newsletter goes out to some 40,000 subscribers every couple of weeks or so, and we still send out tens of thousands of my talks on CD or via mp3's (and, yes, people are still ordering CDs), the number of people we reach - through you - is many times more than that. 

     "I enjoy your apologetics newsletters. I have utilized several of your audio CDs and shared them with other people. One success story is that a whole family at my work came home to the Catholic faith (from being away and not having baptized their kids) after spending just a few minutes discussing differences of Baptists and Catholics. Praise be to God! I was able to give my coworker several of your CDs and THAT WAS IT."

                                Johanna B.

      The only way these things are able to happen is through your prayers, and your financial support, for the Bible Christian Society.  For 15 years or so, I have come to you twice per year - not weekly, or even daily, like so many organizations do - and only asked that you consider giving ten cents ($0.10) per day to support this apostolate.  That's just $3/month or $36/year.  If just 1/10th of you reading this right now would do that, we would essentially double our annual budget and it would allow us to do oh so many more things to bring Catholic truth to oh so many more people.

     For example, I would love to be able to hire at least a part-time person who could help me with a regular podcast, with social media, with videos, and such.  I am not technologically oriented, nor social media oriented, and could really use some help in those areas.  So that's one of the reasons why I'm asking you for your help. 

     "Your CD about Marriage and the Eucharist was so touching and amazing to myself and my fiancee that we would like to hand out a copy to every couple at our wedding. I know you give these out for free, but I would like to cover the cost and make a donation for 100 CD's."

     "I have the habit of reading through your emails, appreciating the theological reasoning and making use of it to build up my theological base. Your write-ups also serve as the basic material I use in teaching my parishioners here in Algeria, who are mostly foreign students. It has been very helpful.

                                    Fr. Henry

     Please take a few minutes and read through the rest of these testimonials as to the impact the Bible Christian Society is having on people's lives...on their faith lives.  And, again, these are just a few of the comments we receive.  After reading them I hope you will think and pray about putting us on the list of charitable organizations that you donate to.  I think we get a lot done with just a little.  Just ten cents a day, $3 per month, $36 for the year.  All the information you need to make a donation is below, but please, read through the rest of these comments to see what folks are saying and then make your decision.

     John,I want to thank you so very much for your informative newsletters and your YouTube channel.The information I learned is very helpful in dialogue with protestants. I'm dealing with one now who hates the CATHOLIC CHURCH. I asked him questions that I learned from you. He will not respond to them.

                                     Brett E.

     I heard you about 10-11 years ago speaking in Albuquerque, NM for the Evangelization Congress.  I was a child in my faith then and didn't know why God had directed me towards being at that conference.  I left there relatively unchanged except for having heard your talk.  I was 23 years old and going to a church conference by myself, even I was confused.  After hearing you speak on tithing I thought, "Well, that makes a lot of sense, if I really trust God I should tell him that with my money too!"  Anyways I kept tithing all the way into seminary and now perhaps I am weeks away from diaconate ordination [and then the priesthood].  And so, perhaps one could say that your tithing presentation was the opening that God used to call me towards the priesthood, even though I have less $ now than ever ;-)
    I've remembered you and the talk and through a little digging I was directed toward your website.  I am putting a little presentation together on tithing here at my assignment, a little poor parish in California...As this was the first step for me in my vocational journey I believe it can be for my parishioners as well.  I wanted to contact you and see if you had a copy of the talk or a recording that I could have access to? [I sent it to him.] 
                                           Ian (a seminarian in California)
     [This is from a priest who was meeting with Protestants who asked him a lot of Bible questions he couldn't answer because he didn't know the mindset behind the questions.  He came to me for help and I sent him some information on how to handle a Sola Fide discussion and then afterwards asked him if it had helped.]
     "Yes! I felt much more confident this time around. I could see them sweating when I pulled out Gal 5:6 which, as it happens, was today’s first reading at Mass ;)
                                            Fr. A.
     Just the thing [referring to one of the newsletters] I needed for my debate-forum posts with these Anti-Catholics. 
                                           Rufus D.
     First of all, THANK YOU for all the work you have done clearly explaining the true meaning of The Bible and of The Church. I first started listening to your CDs back in 2004, when our family decided to come into the Catholic Faith.  This was after a long 20+ year journey of reading, talking,reading, talking and going to many different versions of "church"...Your CDs really helped me to understand what the Catholic Faith really was and what I was supposed to do now that I was part of it.  And I continue to follow your teaching via your website and on EWTN.
                                              Carol D.

     Just want to let you know how much I appreciate what you do my friend. I’ll be sending my neighbor to your site soon.

                                              Keith A.

     Thank you for all you do.  Your talks and videos were an important part of my conversion to the Catholic Church is 2013.  Never stop what you do, it is so important.

                                            Pam J.


Conversions; vocations; learning the faith; learning to share the faith with others - clergy and laity; ease of access to the materials (they're FREE); ability to easily understand and repeat what is taught in the audio and written materials (9-yr. olds have used our materials to evangelize their friends); and we reach tens of thousands of people - nationally and internationally - each year, if not maybe hundreds of thousands through the multiplier effect.  If you think these kinds of results are worthy of your support...then please see the information below. 


    That, in a nutshell, is what we do.  We reach people in all 50 states and more than 80 countries that I know of.  And, we do it all for free.  NO ONE ELSE DOES WHAT WE DO.  No charge for the newsletter.  No charge for the downloads.  No charge for the CDs. No charge for anything (with the exception of the Blue Collar Apologetics DVDs that we have to buy from EWTN).

     So, I’m hoping that you will help us continue doing what we do so that I can give you more quotes like the ones above in another few months.  Again, I always ask for just $0.10 a day.  That’s it…just a dime a day…that’s $3.00 per month, or just $36.00 per year.  If you can’t afford $36.00 right now, maybe $18.00 today and another $18.00 in six months?  Or, maybe you can afford a bit more…we could always use a little extra, especially with the new projects I hope to start in the near future...but, whatever you can do, is greatly appreciated.

There are 2 different ways you can make a 100% tax-deductible donation:

1) By clicking on this link and donating online: www.biblechristiansociety.com/donations

2) By check – mail to: Bible Christian Society, PO Box 424, Pleasant Grove, AL  35127.

     And, whether you are able to contribute financially or not, please keep us in your prayers. My family always keeps you in our prayers.  Everyday my kids pray, “For all the supporters of the Bible Christian Society.”

     Finally, I pray that all of you – and your loved ones - are safe and healthy, and on the path to holiness.

God bless!

John Martignoni


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http://www.biblechristiansociety.com/newsletter - to subscribe to this newsletter

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