Apologetics for the Masses #380 - A

Bible Christian Society

General Comments

Hey folks,

     Just a few things to update you on my new television series on Houma Television 10 - Balaam's Ride - especially if you've had any trouble downloading the HTV10 app:

     1) The Week 1 topic was "Intro to Catholic apologetics".  You can watch me tear up the Catechism!  This coming week's program is: "The Case for God".  And, the week after that, the topic will be: "Catholic Voting Principles". 

     2) Reviews for the Week 1 episode have been very positive from clergy and laity alike - so that's a very good thing!

     3) HTV 10 will be archiving all of the episodes on their website, so you can watch them at your leisure here: https://www.htv10.tv/balaams-ride.  You could also just go to their homepage - www.htv10.tv - click on the "Religion" page, and then click on "Balaam's Ride".  The first episode is already there.

     4) The HTV10 television app doesn't allow you to livestream, but if you go to the "Religion" page on the TV app, you can click on it and they will have the program archived there, which you could watch anytime.  I think they post the show on Monday night after it debuts on Monday afternoons.  You can also download an app called "Livestream" on your TV, go to the HTV10 app through Livestream, and watch the program as it is airing on TV.

     5) And, you can livestream on the HTV10 mobile app, or go to their website - www.htv10.tv - click on "Watch HTV10," and then click on "Livestream".  The show's schedule can be find on the Balaam's Ride page on the HTV10 website.


I Need Your Calls and Emails

     Okay, for those of you who are willing to call in with pre-recorded questions to be answered on the air, the number to call - anytime day or night - is: 833-632-4253 (833-63BIBLE).  It's a toll free #.  Just call, give your first name and where you're from, and then ask your question.

     Also, if you want to call in while we are taping a program and ask a question live, the number to do that is: 985-879-1231 (this is not a toll free #).  I originally thought there was just one number for the pre-recorded messages and the live questions, but they are indeed different numbers.

     The next taping will be on October 28th.  We'll tape two shows from 9:00 - 11:00 AM, and then two more from 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM.  You can watch the taping as it happens on the HTV10 Facebook page and then call in with a question anytime on either of the 4 shows.

     Or, you can always email me a question for the program - john@biblechristiansociety.com - just put "Balaam's Ride" in the subject line.  I would be most grateful for your questions via the phone or email.

     That's it for now, the regular newsletter will be back next week...

God bless!



Apologetics for the Masses