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General Comments

Hey folks,

     This is it. I know you’ve all been waiting for it. This is that twice-a-year time when I come to you to ask for your support for the Bible Christian Society. I ask you to please take a couple of minutes to read all the way through these testimonials and then prayerfully consider whether or not you believe the Bible Christian Society to be worthy of your support.

     First of all, I don’t know of any other apostolate that confines their entire fund-raising efforts to just two emails per year, and I don’t know of any other that makes as modest of a request as we do – I’m just asking for ten cents ($0.10) per day. That’s just $3.00/month or just $36.00/year. In the 17 years that I’ve been doing this, that’s all I’ve ever asked for from you in terms of financial support for the Bible Christian Society…just $0.10 a day.

     Now, before you decide whether or not to invest in the Bible Christian Society, I just want to give you several quotes from folks who have benefitted from what we do here, or are asking for help because of what we do here (and received it), or are using our materials to teach and evangelize others.  I hope what they have to say will convince you that we are indeed worthy of your support.



I have a question and needing sound understanding and explanation. I have someone saying the harlot spoken of in the bible will rule in the land of 7 mountains. This person says the 7 mountains is in Rome the church and nation the harlot reigns or control is the Vatican. Part of the scripture the person is referring to is in revelation. I am attaching the video the person sent me...I do not have much knowledge scriputrally based to rebuke what is in the video. Please help me.


Am Jason from India. I am very much Interested in Apologetic.  I have all your free mp3 from biblechristiansociety.com and I listen to it very regularly and am very inspired by them. I have a question for you - Can u please give me a good defend for the false accusation About "Roman catholic church as the whore of bablyon" from Rev 17.  Thank you for everything.



Hello John from Kiribati, right in the middle of nowhere in the pacific ocean. 5 long hour flight to Australia. Just want to thank you and your society in helping flourish my catholic faith. I always use your e-newsletter notes when other denominations in particular J Witness church come to my home.  May God Bless You and your society team

Ruka T.

I would like to use your ads in my local paper if that is allowed. Please advise. I love your work.

Mary L.  

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Fr Jess, a military Chaplain at the Philippine Air Force...I am very grateful for your website. I just come across your website now and am very much grateful for the many apologetic resources available.  Only this time I am interested in Apologetics. I would accept that even though I am a priest, I am not very good in Apologetics or in defending our faith (if the standard is quoting and memorizing bible passages and verses to rebut an opponent).  But since my nephew, after graduating in College has been "baptized" to a new ministry here in the Philippines last February 2 this year, and rejected the Catholic Faith, I am challenged to study more and learn the ways the Apologists do.

I browsed and watched conversion stories in youtube, in the like of Steve Ray and others, I have watched some debates with Trent Horn among others. I slowly learn to defend. But I was very happy the many resources in your websites. Wow, I am happy to know the many treasures you have in your websites. Thank you very much, Brother John...You inspired me, to someday, also have a website more or less like yours in the Philippine setting. For the military personnel and their dependents who want to know more in their faith, and defend it.

Fr. Jess


I shared your last email with 16 people. THANK U for your mission.

Ontario, Canada

I am an RCIA teacher and your help is invaluable to me.  God bless you for all you do.
Lorraine L.


FYI, you and your apostolate were key in my reversion.  Even though I am pulled both ways about importance of others being Catholic, I continue to print off the newspaper ads you produced, hand them to others and put them in public areas such as the YMCA or on a local protestant mega church newspaper stand.

Mike M.

“I’ve recently returned to the Catholic Church after an absence of 20 years…Your (mp3) talks and newsletters have been some of the clearest and most helpful sources I have found, and really helped me to come home. Thanks for doing the work you do…”

Chris H.
Gardnerville, NV


“I just want to let you know that I have been forever changed by your CDs. I have them all. My dad listened to some of them and armed with the knowledge that they supplied to me, I talked to him about RCIA. I had answers for his questions and I can explain to my husband and his family our beliefs. My dad is in RCIA and is excited about his new faith. WHAT A BLESSING FOR ME! God bless you and keep up the good work!!!

Leigh M.
Arlington, TX


“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your apologetics audio and video clips. I’ve recently started using some of them in my class. They’ve deepened my personal understanding, and helped me to better explain things to my high school students. I teach scripture in a Catholic high school.”

Dennis B.


“Thank you so much for your wonderful apologetics talks. They are down-to-earth yet clearly inspired by heaven. I listen to them at work on my i-pod. I have quite a few evangelical Christians and fallen away Catholics at my workplace and they are often eager to attack our faith. I remember your words and look at these assaults as opportunities for dialogue. Little do my co-workers know that my ‘coach’ is often answering their questions in my ear even as they ask them!"

Mark C.

“Thank you for doing what you do. I’ve been listening to numerous talks from Lighthouse Catholic Media and St Joseph’s Communications for the past two and half years, it’s all I listen to anymore. I even started a distance program towards my masters in theology in hopes to learn more and be able to talk intelligibly about our faith, but it wasn’t until I discovered your talks on apologetics (by accident) that I finally started to work up the courage to answer questions and not be afraid to say, ‘I don’t know… but I’ll get back to you.‘" 

Robert M.

There are a lot of very good materials out there that teach Catholics about their Faith – which is a very good thing – but it’s one thing to know the Faith, it’s an entirely different thing to share it with others. Our materials give everyday folks out in the pews the courage and confidence to go out and start planting seeds with people.



     That, in a nutshell, is what we do.  We reach people in all 50 states and more than 80 countries that I know of.  And, we do it all for free .  No one else does what we do.  No charge for the newsletter.  No charge for the downloads.  No charge for the CDs (and, yes, people are still ordering CDs). No charge for anything ((with the exception of the Blue Collar Apologetics DVDs that we have to buy from EWTN).

     So, I’m hoping that you will help us continue doing what we do so that I can give you more quotes like the ones above in another few months.  Again, I always ask for just $0.10 a day.  That’s it…just a dime a day…that’s $3.00 per month, or just $36.00 per year.  If you can’t afford $36.00 right now, maybe $18.00 today and another $18.00 in six months?  Or, maybe you can afford a bit more…we could always use a little extra, especially with the new projects we're going to be unveiling in the near future...but, whatever you can do, is greatly appreciated.

There are 2 different ways you can make a 100% tax-deductible donation:

1) By clicking on this link and donating online: www.biblechristiansociety.com/donations

2) By check – mail to: Bible Christian Society, PO Box 424, Pleasant Grove, AL  35127.


     And, whether you are able to contribute financially or not, please keep us in your prayers. My family always keeps you in our prayers. Everyday my kids pray, “For all the supporters of the Bible Christian Society.”

     Finally, I pray that all of you – and your loved ones - are safe and healthy, and on the path to holiness.

God bless!

John Martignoni



http://www.biblechristiansociety.com/newsletter/unsubscribe - to unsubscribe from this newsletter

http://www.biblechristiansociety.com/newsletter - to subscribe to this newsletter


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