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                Our Social Communication (SOCCOM) committee in St Peter Claver Ranau has been
                producing a magazine called Effatha!. Is it okay if we use the apologetic materials from
                this site to be included as one of the articles in the magazine?
                                                                             Clarence from Ranau Sabah, Malaysia.

Hey folks,

     The quote above is similar to what I have the good fortune to read in many other emails that are sent to us almost every week.   Not to mention all of the stateside emails from folks who want to use our materials in their church bulletins, on their websites, in their high school classrooms, at their adult ed classes, and so on. 

     We don't just teach people about the faith directly, we are a resource for those who teach others about the faith - thus multiplying the number of people we reach. Each month we are reaching tens of thousands of people all over the world with the truths of the Catholic Faith.  Malaysia is now something like the 80th country, that I am aware of, that has people who read our e-newsletter and/or get our CD's and downloads.

     Is that a cause - teaching tens of thousands of people about the truth - worthy of your support?  I hope so.  You know, twice a year I ask you for just a small amount - 10 cents a day - of financial support.  I do so in order to be able to keep sending out the talks, emails, and other apologetics/evangelization resources that we offer here at the Bible Christian Society (and to keep some food on the table and a roof over my family's heads).  And, in addition to the talks and the newsletters and other resources, we've got some new things going on that need your support as well.  Let me tell you about some of them:

     In addition to the apologetics talks and e-newsletters and such that we've offered for years, the Bible Christian Society has - as most of you know - put a dozen very Catholic full page color ads in the newspapers of both Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama - once a month for 12 months (you can see them here: http://www.biblechristiansociety.com).  The response, from both Catholic and non-Catholic, was tremendous. I would like to do more of that and expand into other cities and states, and start doing billboards, as well. 


                   Please know that [I am inspired] every time I read your newsletters. 
                  You are a practical help too.  My family has left the Church for evangelicalism,
                   and so I frequently hear the same arguments as this pastor is putting to you. 
                  Your apologetics are God-sent for me.

     I have also recorded three 30-second commercials for television (you can also see those on our home page: http://www.biblechristiansociety.com), two of which have just begun airing a couple of days ago in the Birmingham area.  We've been doing millions of online banner ads for the Church and targeted email blasts that reach tens of thousands and sponsored content advertising, too.  We even geofenced a large Baptist church that had done a 6-part lecture series on the Catholic Church - which was very anti-Catholic - with a Quiz for Christians banner ad (http://www.biblechristiansociety.com/quiz).

     We're doing things that no one else is doing.  We're evangelizing in ways others just are not.  Most of the Catholic ads you see on the internet are targeting Catholics - to join this or that organization; to give money to this or that organization; to buy this or that product; and so on.  All well and good.  Catholics need to support all the fine organizations that are out there and to buy products that will enrich your own faith. 

     But every single one of our ads - online, in the newspapers, and on television - is targeting non-Catholics and saying, essentially, "Hey, here's a reason for you to think about being Catholic!"  Now, I can't sit here and tell you if people were converted by the newspaper ads or the online ads or that they will be converted by the television ads; but, what I can tell you, is that we're throwing out a lot of seeds of truth with all of these initiatives.  A lot of people are reading, hearing, and seeing things about the Catholic Church that they had never read, heard, or seen before, and I can guarantee you that these ads are making people think.  I can guarantee it because of the emails and phone calls I've received.  Not to mention the boost these ads are giving to the morale of the Catholics who see them.


                        My admiration and THANKS for these apologetic Ads!  Very impressive and

                         informative...GREAT initiative and greatly needed Catechism teaching moments!

                                                                From an Archbishop


     But I need your help to keep doing all of this and to do even more.  For example, I hope to start a regular weekly podcast that will cover apologetics, but will also include topical conversation on politics, economics, the Church, and life in general.  I would like to get some more YouTube videos posted.  I want to develop a systematic scripturally-based apologetics course - patterned after our Blue Collar Apologetics series - for high schools.  Something the students can take to not only learn how to explain and defend Catholic teaching to others, but to deepen their own faith, and which could also be used by anyone.  As I said earlier, I want to start doing billboards.  And, I want to begin the push towards the 2000-year anniversary of our Church.  I don't know exactly the what and how of it, but we need a series of events - a 9-year novena of events - beginning in 2024, to lead up to our 2000-year celebration in 2033.


                           Thank you so much for all you do...you make it easy to defend our faith

                           when my Protestant friends raise questions about Catholics...I quote your

                           material all the time.

                                                                             Jeff Y.


     The Bible Christian Society is unique among Catholic apologetics organizations.  Unique in our methodology, in our offerings, in distributing almost everything we have for free, in answering hundreds upon hundreds of individual apologetics questions from people all over the world via email, and, quite frankly, in the sparcity of our appeals for support.  I hope you appreciate what we do and how we do it.    

     So, if you like what we do and how we do it...if you've used our materials to deepen your own faith and to evangelize others...then could you spare $0.10 a day to support what we’re doing? That’s all I’m asking for…$0.10 a day…$3 a month…$36 a year. If you could do more...great!  But, please, help us out with some amount...if you are financially able.  No amount is too small...or too big.  :-)
     And there are a lot of other things I could be getting into as well.  But I need your help to do it.  Would you be one of the people who helps to keep us going?  Again, that's just $3/month, or $36/year.  Maybe you could donate $18 now, and $18 in another six months, or whatever amount…$5 or $50. 

     Basically, I’m asking that if you give to charity, and if you think the newsletters you’ve been receiving, or the talks you've heard, have been of value to you, then please invest in the evangelization efforts of this organization so that we can reach even more folks and develop even more materials. Ten cents a day…think about it...pray about it.


How to Invest in Evangelization

1) Donate online at: www.biblechristiansociety.com/donations (it is a secure site)You can use a PayPal account to donate, or you can use a regular credit card - simply click: "Pay with debit or credit card" during the checkout process. 


2) You can also make your donation a recurring donation, but you need a PayPal account to do that (which you can create very easily during the donation process, if you don't already have one).  But, even with a PayPal account, you can pay using your regular credit card through PayPal.


3) Send a check to: Bible Christian Society, PO Box 424, Pleasant Grove, AL  35127


Anything you can do is greatly appreciated!  And please remember, that all donations are 100% tax-deductible.


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