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Hey folks,

     Twice a year I come to you and ask for your support for this apostolate.  This is the first time I've had to ask in 2018.  All I ever ask you for is just $0.10 a day...yes, you read that right...just 10 cents a day.  That works out to $3.00 per month, or $36.00 for the year.  That's the same amount I've been asking for since I started this newsletter some 15 years ago, so I think that's a fairly reasonable amount, given all the information and materials that we send out for free.   

     But, before I formally request your financial help, I want to make two other requests:

1) Please read through the reasons I give below for why I believe the Bible Christian Society (BCS) is worthy of your support.  I want you to know all that we have done, are doing, and plan on doing in the future.  It will only take a few minutes. 


Here are my reasons for why I believe the Bible Christian Society is worthy of your support:


1) We reach people all over the world with the truths of the Catholic Faith, and we do it in a way that folks can not only easily understand, but can also easily repeat to their family, friends, co-workers, fellow students, and even strangers:


     "Your humble submissions have really changed my person.  I can now share the word in a public transit.Just know your impact was contagious. I wish to narrate my ordeals. I travel a distance of 40 minutes to work monday-fridays. Sometimes I share the word to acquaintance of 10-70 persons...depending on transport system I board. Recently the BRT operator stopped the bus and requested I stop preaching...I had to alight since I may not be able to keep shut! Well l boarded another bus and ended up talking to about a 100 person on my way to work!"

                                           Ibe S. 

                                                                                                    Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria     


     "WOW, this is GREAT! Thank you so much for your site ( 2 minute apologetics), I am ALWAYS hearing at work (Baptists) and at home (wife, non-denominational) about how the 'Catholics' don't follow the Bible. It will be nice to be able to defend the Church (and, myself about my faith). Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
                                                 Rudy H.

     “I am and have always been Catholic.  However, up until 5 years ago I was of the A La Carte variety, i.e. only practicing the bits I liked and complementing the rest with various new age spiritual practices. It has been a long and difficult journey and the Lord brought me to my knees many times to show me the way home and to see the beauty and mystery of the faith that I already had.  You have played no small part in that journey and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and teachings. Thanks to what I have learned from you I have had lots of opportunities to plant seeds and I hope to keep on sowing with your help..."

                            Dia is Mhuire Duit (God and Mary be with you)
                            Ailish R.
                            County Offaly, Ireland


2) The Multiplier Effect - our materials are used as a resource for church bulletins and programs, Catholic newspapers, Youtube videos, and all sorts of other publications and media - extending the reach of the Bible Christian Society: 

     "I create the weekly bulletin at [our parish] in Cincinnati. Once in a while I include some of your material in my...column."

                                              Ron K.

                                       Cincinnati, OH


     "As I read the newspaper ads your Society has placed in the Birmingham News and the Huntsville Times on your webpage, I was impressed with the messages and wondered if you would give permission to use them in a small market publication in our communities of North Judson and San Pierre, Indiana?"

                                       Sheila A., Chairman
                                       Parish Evangelization Committee
     "I have been listening to your CD's non-stop in my truck for the last 3 weeks...What I would like to do is put together some kind of apologetic's program in our parish where we can listen/ watch one subject for approx. an hour or less then small group discussion. I would like to do somewhere between 10 and 20 different subjects over 10-20 weeks."

                                         Sean B.



      "I so appreciate your efforts and examples regarding Catholic Apologetics. I often site your web pages, audio files, and DVDs as my source materials for our parish studies...Also, your recent "Why do Catholics?" series is exactly what I am looking for to help start up an Apologetics program in my parish. Please continue to publish these newsletters!"

                                          Ron J.



      "Your materials have been invaluable to us here at the monthly Catholic newspaper Oremus Press. We republished your "Two Minute Apologetics" over the course of a few years, to the delight of our readers across the nation. We were able to learn a great deal from this material, and it also helped us to better stand our ground when confronted with anti-Catholic questions. On multiple occasions, our readers have come to us or written, saying that a BCS article in Oremus Press was "exactly what they needed," and they had shared it with someone in need of the truth."

                                           J.A. Ingle, Editor/Publisher

                                           Oremus Press Newspaper


3) Conversion

      The audio cd's offered by BCS have made a profound difference in my life - they have been an instrument of God's grace.  While I never doubted the teachings of the Catholic church, I certainly did not understand them with such clarity as I do now - and this increased knowledge has only deepened and strengthened my love for the faith - which in turn has given me confidence to share it with others.

                                           Patricia H.


     "I want to tell you I loved your 'Blue Collar' series on EWTN. I receive your newsletter too and find it informative and educational. I am not a Catholic (yet) but I am very interested in converting to the Catholic Church."
                              Scott F.
                              Pflugerville, Texas


     “I have ordered your CDs and used them successfully to help revert an entire family (several children were baptized) so PRAISE GOD FOR YOUR WORK!”

                            Johanna B.
                            Gilbert, AZ


4) FREE!

Except for the Blue Collar Apologetics DVD's (which I have to buy from EWTN), everything I offer is free!  This makes the materials accessible to a lot of folks who otherwise would not be able to get them - both in this country and abroad.  I don't know any other apostolate that offers - for free! - the range of audio and written materials that we do.  In the last few years the BCS has distributed about 2 million copies of our talks - via CD's and mp3 downloads.  Our e-newsletter, Apologetics for the Masses, has some 40,000 subscribers - Catholic and non-Catholic alike.  We have subscribers in at least 80 countries that I know of.


5) Innovative Multi-Media Evangelization

     a. Once a month, from August 2017 through July 2018, the BCS placed full-page, color ads about the Catholic Church and its teachings on the back page of the Sports section of the two major newspapers in the Diocese of Birmingham - the Birmingham News and the Huntsville Times.  You can see all 12 of these ads on the home page of our website: http://www.biblechristiansociety.comNo one else in the country has done anything similar.  You might think: "The newspapers?  No one reads the newspapers any more."  But, you would be wrong.  Lots of people still read the newspapers.  I received all kinds of positive feedback about these ads - from Catholic and non-Catholic alike, particularly Baptists.  I have also received requests from people in various parts of the country for permission to use those ads in print publications in their neck of the woods.  The ads fired up Catholics and made non-Catholics stop and thnk. 

     b. During that same 12-month period, the BCS placed banner ads on the screens of millions of people identified as "Christians" by the online media group.  All those ads that pop up on your screens about cars, clothes, vacation spots, exercise equipment, electronics, etc. - well, now imagine ads about the Catholic Church and its teachings popping up on your computer.  That is what we did.  Not only that, but we had sponsored content ads that reached a million or so screens and we did targeted email blasts to tens of thousands of Christians.  Again, no one else in the country has done anything similar

     c. We are currently engaged in a geo-fencing campaign - a cutting edge advertising technique - in which people in a particular geographic area will receive banner ads about the Church popping up on their smart phones.  This will happen for the next two months.  We are trying it out on a suburb of Birmingham (Hoover, AL) before we look at rolling it out for a broader area.  It is already causing quite a stir, as the traffic on my Bible Christian Society Facebook page - which the ads are linked to - has really picked up and I'm getting a number of comments from non-Catholics which enables me to engage them in conversation and hopefully plant seeds of conversion.

     d. Next, we have some television commercials planned.  Similar to what Catholics Come Home does, but a little more specific as to the particulars of Catholic teaching.  These will be designed to once again strengthen Catholics in their faith and to challenge non-Catholics to think about the claims of the Catholic Church.

     e. Finally, we are mailing a Catechism of the Catholic Church to every non-Catholic pastor in our diocese, along with a letter asking them to please consult the Catechism first, should they ever have occasion to speak about the Catholic Church in their church, Bible studies, or Sunday schools.  Several hundred have been sent out so far in the last couple of years, with a few thousand more to go. 

     In other words, the Bible Christian Society is at the leading edge of Catholic evangelization in many ways.  We are being innovative and creative.  We need your help to continue...


2) Okay, my 2nd request: After reading through the above reasons:

Will You Please Pray About Supporting Us?

     I could tell you about even more of the evangelization efforts we have underway, and I could give you many more testimonials as to the effect they are having, but I think what I've given you so far suffices to make the point that the Bible Christian Society has been very successful in spreading the truths of the Catholic Church.  So, will you please take a few moments to think about, and pray about, helping us to reach even more people with these eternal truths? 


3) Would you support the work of the Bible Christian Society with a donation - of ten cents a day, or of any amount - in order to help us continue spreading the truths of the Catholic Faith to hundreds of thousands around the world? 


How to Support the Evangelization Efforts of the Bible Christian Society

     Will you help us to continue our evangelization efforts, reaching hundreds of thousands all over the world?  In addition, would you help us to do even more?  For example, I would like to re-master and update my talks.  I need some new equipment in order to do that.  I also have plans for restarting our live internet program/podcast - Balaam's Ride (  I need some new equipment to do that.  I need new CD duplicating equipment.  I would like to be able to hire a part-time person to help out with everything.  And so on...

     So, can you make a donation of $3.00 per month?  Or, maybe $18 now and $18 six months from now?  If you can't do $18, a donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated!  

If you would like to invest in our work, you can do so in a few different ways:

1) Donate online at: (it is a secure site)You can use a PayPal account to donate, or you can use a regular credit card - simply click: "Pay with debit or credit card" during the checkout process. 


2) You can also make your donation a recurring donation, but you need a PayPal account to do that (which you can create very easily during the donation process, if you don't already have one).  But, even with a PayPal account, you can pay using your regular credit card through PayPal.


3) Send a check to: Bible Christian Society, PO Box 424, Pleasant Grove, AL  35127


Anything you can do is greatly appreciated!  And please remember, that all donations are 100% tax-deductible.


Closing Comments

     Whether you make a financial contribution or not, would you please pray for the efforts of the Bible Christian Society?  We would greatly appreciate it, and please be assured of our prayers for you and your loved ones!
    Indeed, I have to confess that by listening your programs...I became more and more aware the Catholic Church is in fact founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ. I have listened your podcasts countless times and I have translated them here in my parish to the priests and lay people..."
     Paulo S.
     São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil



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