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Hey folks,

If this newsletter, or any of the audio materials, from the Bible Christian Society have ever benefitted you in any way, then I ask you to please take a couple of minutes to read this newsletter.  I'm going to ask for your support, but first I'm going to give you the reasons why I believe the Bible Christian Society is worthy of that support.  So please, just take a few minutes to think about it and pray about it.

Below are a few quotes that I wanted to share with you from people whose lives the Bible Christian Society has touched:


       "I teach Catholicism at a predominantly African American Catholic  High School, where 50% of the students are of some Protestant or Evangelical denomination. I field objections all the time ( with your great help of course)...You have had a profound effect on my faith and understanding. I have done my best to pass it on to my students."

               Leo I.
               Los Angeles, CA


       "I first listened to a copy of your talk about "Mary and the Bible; plus Purgatory and the Bible" like a month back. It was given to my sister by her Legion of Mary presidium member in my parish here in Nigeria. I and my siblings listened to it and were amazed! No priest has ever explained it this way; ever! (Although they try their best and I appreciate them for their good works). I was able to understand it all; our Blessed Virgin Mary and Purgatory...Ever since the first day, I started visiting your site to read and also download some apologetics, to share with friends."

             Miriam Eze
             Lagos, Nigeria


       “You have had a huge impact on my family! Three of us have now entered the Church. When my evangelical friends (who were very upset by my becoming Catholic) have questions, I simply send them one of your links!  Thank you!!!!”

              Martha Z.
              Hawthorne, CA



Your support allows us to reach like Leo and Miriam and Martha and help them to grow in their faith, and to share their faith with others, or to come into the faith.  Everything that happens here is your fault.  We can't do any of it without you.  So I'll just ask one simple question: Would you be willing to give ten cents a day...yes, just $0.10…if you knew your money was going to have the kind of impact on people’s lives that the quotes above talk about? Just 10 cents a day?


        "I know from reading your newsletters you get a lot of detractors or criticism about the Catholic faith. What I dont know is how many people actually are objective and learn from your talks and then follow up with you.  Well, I am one of those people. I listened to all your talks about 7 years ago...and things changed. I was still protestant but in my heart had serious doubts about why I believed the way I believed. And Roman Catholicism went from a total apostate faith to a valid Christian faith, imo. Now, after 7 more years of wrestling with this, I finally enrolled in RCIA and currently am like half way through the course to become Catholic...As I attend adoration, usually weekly, trembling and in complete awe of the incredible experience that it is, I'm left to ponder why it didn't happen sooner in my life. Well, it's because there are not enough 'biblechristiansociety' type ministries out there and that is a shame."




That’s my challenge for this newsletter…it’s my twice-a-year ten cent challenge. Those of you who have donated to the Bible Christian Society in the past, who have helped us to stay afloat so that we can spread the word about the Catholic Faith through CDs, mp3 downloads, newsletters, and so on…every single one of you is responsible for what happened in the lives of Leo and Miriam and Martha and Shannon and thousands of others. And, you are responsible for what is happening right now in the lives of many, many other people in this country and all around the world. The Bible Christian Society cannot do what it is doing without you!

For those of you who have not yet invested in the activities of the Bible Christian Society, I would ask you to consider getting in on this so that you, too, can share some of the blame for what goes on around here.  We send our talks and newsletters out to folks in all 50 states and to about 75 countries that I know of. The Philippines, India, South Africa, France, Nigeria, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Thailand, Mexico, and many many others.  I need your help to reach even more people here in the U.S. and all over the world with the truths of the Catholic faith.

As folks who have been reading this newsletter for a while know, I come to my readers twice a year, via email, to ask for your help. That’s all, just twice a year. I do so because I need your help to continue the activites of the Bible Christian Society. We rely solely on donations to keep doing what we’re doing.

Unlike a lot of organizations that send out fundraising appeals every 2-3 weeks, telling you about this emergency or that emergency that they need you to send the largest possible check for, I just ask you, twice a year, if you can spare $0.10 a day. Ten cents a day – $3.00 per month – to support the evangelization and apologetics activities of the Bible Christian Society. That comes out to just $36.00 per year.  Of course, we could certainly use the help if you are able to give more than that, but if you could do at least $3/month, we would be exceedingly grateful. 

If all of you who receive this newsletter on a regular basis give an average of just ten cents a day, we could not just continue doing what we’re doing, we could expand our activities tremendously and reach even more souls for Christ and His Church. Right now, for example, I need to make another investment in our website and I need to purchase some recording equipment so I can start doing more on the web and through social media.  And, I could really use some more help, particularly for a social media campaign and to record more talks on audio and video.  

So, my challenge to you, dear readers, is can you…will you…invest $.10 a day in evangelization? Will you help us to reach a whole lot more folks like Leo, Miriam, Martha, Shannon, and those whose lives they touch, with the truths of the Catholic Faith? Will you help us to reach more folks with the truths of Jesus Christ that will set them free…that will change their lives?


       “I just want to let you know that I have been forever changed by your CDs. I have them all. My dad listened to some of them and armed with the knowledge that they supplied to me, I talked to him about RCIA. I had answers for his questions and I can explain to my husband and his family our beliefs. My dad is in RCIA and is excited about his new faith. WHAT A BLESSING FOR ME! God bless you and keep up the good work!!!"

                   Leigh M.
                   Arlington, TX


Closing Comments

If you answered, “Yes,” then I thank you.  I just want you to know that your support – whether a lot or a little – is greatly appreciated and is put to very good use. 

To make a donation:


You can donate using a credit card or via PayPal. 


If you can't do all $36 now, maybe you could make a donation of $18.00 now, and then again in six months when I make my next appeal. Or, you can set up automatic payments of $3.00/month.  Or maybe just a one-time donation of $5 or $10.  Whatever investment you can make will be much appreciated!  And, of course, if you can make a larger donation, that would also be much appreciated! 

If you would rather send a check, please make your check out and send it to:

Bible Christian Society

PO Box 424

Pleasant Grove, AL 35127

Thank you, and I hope all of you have a very happy and holy Thanksgiving.  Please keep the Bible Christian Society in your prayers...we will be keeping you and your loved ones in ours.

John Martignoni



The Bible Christian Society is a non-profit organization that relies solely on your support to bring the truths of the Catholic Faith to tens of thousands of people throughout the U.S. and all around the world each year.  If you would like to help us do what we do, you can donate online at:, or send a check to: Bible Christian Society, PO Box 424, Pleasant Grove, AL  35127.  Anything you can do is greatly appreciated!



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