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Hey folks,

       I need your help.  Will you please read through the testimonials below  - which give you a little bit of an idea of the effectiveness, and reach, of our work - and, as you're reading, prayerfully consider supporting the work of evangelization and catechesis that we do here at the Bible Christian Society? 

       Regular readers of this newsletter know that I all I ever ask for in support - and I only ask just twice a year - is 10 cents a day.  That's it!  10 cents a day, or a mere $3.00/month, $36 per year.  If you can do more...great!  If you can't do 10 cents a day, but you can do something...great!  If you can't give anything at all...great!  I simply ask that you pray about it as you're deciding what to do.  And, while praying about it, just ask yourself: "Is what I, and these others, are learning from these newsletters, from the CD's/mp3 downloads, the YouTube videos, and all the other materials on the website worth one cup of Starbucks coffee per month, or one coke per week," or whatever your particular "vice" might be? 

       I hope your answer is, "Yes," because I want to get even more of the teachings of the Catholic Faith out to even more folks around the world in the coming months - more talks, more newsletters, hopefully some DVD's, and more.  Below are some "testimonials" as to what your support for this apostolate helps to accomplish all over the world.  It really is amazing what God can do.  But, before you read them, I want to take just a moment to let you know about the upgrades we've made to the website.  First of all, we made it more "mobile-friendly," which makes it easier for you to access the material on the site from your mobile devices.  Also, we've added a search engine to the newsletter page.  We are up to almost 290 newsletters - that's a lot of information to sift through.  The search engine allows you to search for particular words and phrases - like "Sola Fide" or "Crusades" or anything else of interest.  We've also added a social media feature that allows you to share the newsletter on Twitter and Facebook and a few other places as well with just a click.  The newsletter has been re-designed and hopefully some of the problems we have had with the way different email programs read the fonts and such have been solved.  In essence, we've tried to make it much more user-friendly.

       But, while all of that website improvement is well and good, the main reason I ask for your help is reflected in the words below.  These testimonials reflect the reason we do what we do here.  So please read them and please know that your support for this apostolate is helping to bring people closer to Jesus Christ in and through His one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.  We can't do it without you!  I included a number of them this time - most of them short - rather than just a few, so that you can get a good feel for the broad reach of our work - Catholic, fallen-away Catholic, non-Catholic.  Local, state, national, and international.  Also, please keep in mind, while reading these testimonials, that the Bible Christian Society is unique among apologetics/evangelization apostolates.  No one that I know of offers as much material - written and audio - for free, as we do.  No one.  And the only reason we are able to do so, is because of you:



     “I was born and raised Catholic, but I fell away from the Church. John Martignoni's Bible-based apologetics based on faith, reason and charity were instrumental in my return to the Catholic faith. I am eternally grateful!"

Dan Donaldson
The Augustine Institute
[Now Dan, through his work with FORMED and the Augustine Institute, is touching the lives of tens of thousands of Catholics around the world.]
     "I first listened to a copy of your talk about 'Mary and the Bible; plus Purgatory and the Bible' like a month back. It was given to my sister by her Legion of Mary presidium member in my parish here in Nigeria. I and my siblings listened to it and were amazed! No priest has ever explained it this way; ever! (Although they try their best and I appreciate them for their good works). I was able to understand it all; our Blessed Virgin Mary and Purgatory...Ever since the first day, I started visiting your site to read and also download some apologetics, to share with friends..."
Miriam Eze
Lagos, Nigeria


     "I ordered some of your tapes and listen to them on the way to work...I'm a Catholic school teacher (Low pay but I hear the benefits are out of this world!).  Our family is grown, but we're starting on the little extras we can afford with our 5 grand children...PLEASE keep doing what you're doing.  You help me so much."

Valerie S.

Washington, IN



" I was just asked this [a question about the Catholic Church] today by a Wal-Mart parking lot preacher. My response? I asked him why [he thought that]? His response, he couldn't give a valid answer. It was what he was taught that we believed and practiced ceremonies contrary to scripture. In our short 15 minute conversation, I was able to educate him some on the Eucharist, infant baptism, and statues in our churches. I must say those newsletters I get from John Martignoni paid off!"

Dave Burchette

[Helping Catholics evangelize others everywhere and anywhere - even at Wal-Mart!]


     "Thank you John for this work and for the radio program. I am a Brazilian that was an ISP for General Motors in Michigan/USA for 1.5 years. Just came back this year (2016) by February. I can tell that I could bring great stuff from USA, one of them being my deepest Catholic experience ever. You may think USA is too secular these days, but you do not know how Brazil is. Not only your site, but also EWTN and all it brings were a miracle in my life. Really helped me while I was alone without my family all this time."

Italo Queiroz de Souza



     "THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE BEST ARTICLE ON "Justification By Faith Alone". I will be re-reading it, underlining parts of it, studying it, and be ready when the time is right for me to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!"


75 year old lifelong Catholic, educated K-16 in Catholic schools., BUT STILL IGNORANT AS TO HOW TO EXPLAIN MY FAITH. THANK YOU!!!!


     "Have been going through the archive of your newsletters. Number 85 has a refutation of 2 Tim 3:16 as a basis for sola scriptura that just blew me away. I'm glad you're on our side!"

Marilyn McQuade

Colorado Springs


     "I know from reading your newsletters you get a lot of detractors or criticism about the Catholic faith. What I don't know is how many people actually are objective and learn from your talks and then follow up with you.  Well, I am one of those people. I listened to all your talks about 7 years ago...and things changed. I was still Protestant but in my heart had serious doubts about why I believed the way I believed. And Roman Catholicism went from a total apostate faith to valid Christian faith, imo. Now, after 7 more years of wrestling with this, I finally enrolled in RCIA and currently half way through the course to become Catholic.

     You and people like yourself have been very helpful to me in my journey. Protestants are wonderful Christian people who are genuine and really think they are helping you by "exposing" the Catholic church. I'm sure you realize that as you seem to exhibit a good amount of patience with them. As I attend adoration usually weekly trembling and in complete awe of the incredible experience that it is, I'm left to ponder why it didn't happen sooner in my life. Well, it's because there are not enough "biblechristiansociety" type ministries out there and that is a shame."
Shannon Lindstrom


     "Thank you very much for your newsletters and teachings on the Catholic faith. It has helped me a lot in the last few years to understand our faith and now have full confidence to talk and defend the Catholic faith. I know you are already busy, but if you have some time, read the attached two letters, a dialogue I had with Protestant people I know on social media."
Adenay Ekubezgi
United Kingdom
[Giving folks everywhere the confidence, and the knowledge, they need to share their faith.]
     "...you have given me the foundation to confidently discuss the Catholic doctrine and where it all is in the Bible.  Because of you (and Stephen Ray and Scott Hahn), I now teach an awesome CCD class.  And I don't mean I'm awesome; I mean that the doctrine is so solid, no one can ever refute it.  They are young, but they are getting a great foundation for their future faith formation."
Susan Lee
     "I thank God for your life and the patience you have in dealing with those "stubborn" people.  I am very glad to receive those "apologetics for the masses", though sometimes I don't have the time to read all of them. And then there are days (like today), I am reading them with full concentration :)  My first language is not English, but I hope you will understand what I want to tell you...I really admired your explanation that science can not proof nor disproof God. The god of this world has really blinded their minds (2 Cor 4:4).  I am a mum of 5 children and when I was young, I had confrontations with my teachers in (government) schools, when the topic Darwin came up. My parents brought us up in deep catholic faith and because of that we were like "outsiders" in our region....
Gudrun Edobor
     " I am involved with youth ministry in my parish of Holy Family Catholic Church in Abilene Tx. We are doing a series of FAQs asked by protestants and we are focusing on biblical/bible based answers. Your site is an invaluable resource!  I am so impressed by how you tie the bible verses and their logical conclusions together in a way that teenagers can comprehend. I am writing to let you know that your work is building the next generation of the Church."

Jordan Light
Abilene, TX

Teaching - and turning into apologists and evangelizers - the young and the old; male and female; Catholic and non-Catholic; laity and clergy; teachers and students; North American, South American, African, European, Asian, and Australian.  Making good Catholics better Catholics.  Bringing fallen away Catholics back to the faith.  And bringing non-Catholics closer to, and often into, the faith.  All by the grace of God, but also all because of your support for this apostolate...thank you!


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And, above all, please keep us in your prayers.  My family and I keep all of you in ours...

In Christ,

John Martignoni



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