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Hey folks, I hope all of you are doing well. Big goings on this Tuesday…I can’t wait to have this election over and done. I am so tired of hearing about polls for this, polls for that. I wish they would do a poll to see how many people are sick of polls. And what is the deal with all of these polls going back and forth, back and forth. Are there really that many people out there who are going to vote for Romney one day, Obama the next day, and then back to Romney the next day? I don’t believe it. There is something inherently wrong with all of this – either numbers are being fudged and massaged, or maybe these polls aren’t as scientific as we are led to believe. Either way, I’ll be glad when it’s over.


And, speaking of elections, I didn’t think I was going to do anything else involving political topics anytime soon, but I decided to do one last one. And this will be it – for about 4 years or so.

Here is a link to a speech I gave at a Religious Freedom Rally in Huntsville, AL, a couple of weeks ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-Q5RSlf8Vo. It’s about 11 minutes long. It actually does have to do with apologetics…pro-life apologetics. I hope you can take a few minutes to watch it. If you like it, please share it with others via Twitter and Facebook.

Below is the text of the speech.


In a little over two weeks, each of us, of voting age, will be faced with a choice.   Who will we vote for, for President of the United States of America?  Some say we have a clear choice between good and evil.  Others say it is a choice between the lesser of two evils.  Others say neither man is more good nor more evil than the other. 

I will call neither man good – for Scripture tells us in Matthew 19, that there is One Who is good.  Nor will I call either man evil, for Scripture also tells us that it is the Lord Who judges, and I am not He.

However, while it is God’s particular province to judge the hearts of men as being good or evil, we are indeed allowed to judge the words and actions of men as being good – in accord with God’s law – or as being evil – opposed to God’s law.  And, as Scripture tells us in Romans, chapter 2, each and every one of us, believer and non-believer alike, has the law of God written on our hearts.  Which means – whether we acknowledge our Creator or not – His law is written into our very nature as human beings, and we cannot run from it.  We may be able to deny it, to denigrate it, and to denounce it…but we cannot run from it. 

Having this law written into the very nature of man allows us to speak of universal principles.  Principles that all men, deep in the core of their being, know to be true.  One such universal principle is that all men should be free to worship God, or not, in accord with the dictates of their conscience.  Religious liberty is a universal principle.  Therefore, to trample upon religious liberty, to deny religious liberty, is intrinsically wrong. 

Another such principle that is written on the hearts of all men is that unions between two men or two women are always and everywhere wrong.  Oh, to be sure, there are a great many apologists for so-called same-sex “marriage,” but deep in their hearts, they all know it to be wrong.  If they deny the law written on their hearts that tells them so, then they can plainly read it in Scripture.  If they deny the Scripture that tells them so, then they can plainly see it in nature.  All one has to do is look at a man, and look at a woman, and unless one has some sort of cognitive defect, it is not an overly difficult task to discern that nature has very clearly designed a man and a woman to join together – not two men, and not two women.  If they wish to deny what nature has clearly put before their eyes, then they deny reason itself. 

Now, there are those who contend that saying such things is intolerant, and even hateful.  Well, they got it half right.  It is intolerant.  It is intolerant of the lie that marriage – an institution defined by God – can be redefined by man.  So, yes, it is intolerant to say such things, but it is not an intolerance born of hate, unless you believe that caring enough about someone to tell them they are doing something that is wrong, something that can hurt them – spiritually and  physical – is an act of hate.  Isn’t it rather…an act of love? 

1 Tim 2:4 states that God wants all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth…the truth that shall set us free.  So curse the Christian if you will, but we will still love you enough to tell you the truth, the truth that God has written on your heart, so that you, too, may be set free.

Finally, one other universal principle that I want to mention that is written on the hearts of all men: it is wrong…it is intrinsically wrong…intrinsically evil…to take the life of the innocent.  All men in all times in all cultures know this to be true.  This is why abortion is so wrong – it is the deliberate killing of the innocent. 

But, one might ask, if this law is written on the hearts of all men, then how can we have so many who cry out so loudly for the so-called “right” to an abortion?  The “right” to kill the unborn child?!  We have so many who do so because they deny the humanity of the unborn child.  Why do you think they fight so hard against laws that require a woman to see the ultrasound of her child before she has an abortion? Because they know the ultrasound puts the lie to their rhetoric.  It makes them come literally, face-to-face, with the humanity of the unborn child.

And when someone wants to deny something, when they want to deny the truth, and you won’t let them deny it, you keep sticking the truth back in their face, how do they react?  They become angry.  Very angry.  Just look at how Peter reacted when the crowd wouldn’t let him deny the Truth…when they wouldn’t let him deny that he was a follower of the man from Nazareth – he denied it even more and he cursed and became angry Scripture tells us. 

That’s why we have so many angry people in our country today.  They are denying the truth…the truth that God has written on their hearts.  The truth about religious liberty.  The truth about redefining marriage, and the truth about abortion.  But that’s why we come here today – to stand for the truth. 

Now, I want to close by saying something that might shock you a bit when you first hear it.  Something that I know will get folks who call themselves “pro-choice,” a wee bit upset.  But I really want you to think about this scenario I’m about to lay out for yo, because it exposes the hypocrisy of those who advocate so-called abortion “rights.”   

What would happen, if one day in the near future, the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan for the State of Alabama called a press conference, and at this press conference the Grand Wizard said that the Klan was renouncing its history of racism and bigotry? He goes on to apologize for all of the past evils done by his organization, particularly the evils done to blacks and Jews.

And then, the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan says, that in order to prove the sincerity of his words, the Klan is going to back up those words with actions.  The Klan is going to make tangible reparation for its past sins against the black and Jewish communities.  He then announces that the Klan will be opening an abortion clinic here in Alabama…an abortion clinic that will be free…to blacks and Jews.  And they will be inviting Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Jesse Jackson to the Grand Opening.  

Do you think Hillary and Michelle would show up to the grand opening of an abortion clinic run by the KKK that is free to blacks and Jews?  Would the media celebrate the Klan turning a new page in its history?  Would abortion supporters cheer?  Would Jesse Jackson be seen on TV shaking the hand of the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan for such a generous gesture toward the black and Jewish communities?

Of course not!  People would be outraged!  But why?!  After all, isn’t abortion a good thing?  And if abortion is a good thing, aren’t free abortions an even better thing?  What does it matter if the KKK is doing the killing of black and Jewish babies rather than Planned Parenthood?  What does it matter who does the killing as long as the baby dies, right?

But that’s just the point, the KKK doesn’t need to open an abortion clinic to kill black babies and Jewish babies, all they have to do is support Planned Parenthood.  Nor does the KKK have to offer free abortions, because one of our presidential candidates is doing his utmost to make those abortions free – by having you and me pay for them. 

So, on November 6th, consider the law that is written on the hearts of men – the law written on your hearts – judge the words and actions of each candidate in accord with that law, and vote accordingly.  Thank you.

In Conclusion

Please pray that God’s will be done with this upcoming election, and that no matter who gets put into office – whether at the federal, state, or local levels – that God will turn their hearts toward Him, so that we may have a truly just and God-fearing society. And make sure you vote!

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