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General Comments

Hey folks,

Twice a year I send out an email appeal for a little bit of help. I never call you on the phone, nor do I fill your mailbox with “urgent” requests for funds every 2-3 weeks. I hope this simple and unobtrusive “style” of fund raising earns me enough credit with you that you will read what I have written below, prayerfully consider what I’ve written, and then simply respond however the Spirit moves you to respond.


Ten Cents. $0.10. One dime. Ten cents a day is all I ever ask for. That’s just $3.00 per month or $36 for the year. Of course, I will gladly accept more, and I will also gladly accept less, but if I could get a donation of at least ten cents a day from just 1 out of every 10 people on this email list, it would allow me to expand the scope and reach of this apostolate.

Would you please consider being the 1 out of those 10?

Normally I would have waited until May or June to send this out, but donations have been off a bit over the last 2-3 months. As many of you know, I only have one part-time worker who works about 25-30 hours a week. I really need to have him work 40 hours a week or even more, so that I could write and record some more talks and develop some tracts and do some other things as well, but I’m currently faced with having to cut him back to just a few hours a week, or less.

So, I’m coming to you a little bit earlier than normal, but I’m still just asking for ten cents a day. I’m hoping you’ll think about the value you have received from this apostolate – whether through the newsletter or the CDs or downloads – and that you’ll think to yourself, “You know, what I’ve learned from John is worth at least ten cents a day, I think I’ll go ahead and send the Bible Christian Society a little something.”

Or, if the value you’ve personally received isn’t quite enough to get you to write a small check or click on the “Donation” button, I hope you’ll read the testimonials that I’ve included below and maybe consider making a donation based on the value that others have received.


“I was a Protestant with no intention of converting when I first heard John.  It was his lecture series that taught me the ‘truth’ about Catholicism, a truth which I could no longer refuse to recognize.  He has a gift for teaching our faith and a compelling delivery.”

Pamela N.
Convert to Catholicism
Baltimore, MD


“I mean this sincerely, I can never, ever, never-ever-never thank you enough for what your tapes  (through the Holy Spirit, of course!) have done for me.  For the first time in 11+ years as a convert, I finally feel that I have the confidence to face my Protestant friends and family without fear of their pointed, misinformed attempts to ‘save me.’  You’ve given me the tools I need to join them on their playground; to help them think, to gently challenge them to look at their own false assumptions and to question the reliability of the information they’ve been fed all their lives.  I’m empowered!  I have Truth on my side and can’t wait to smile in the face of the next challenge, knowing now that I have an opportunity, rather than an event of desperation!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Rhonda B.
Sharpsburg, GA

“I was a protestant and got converted to catholicisn before my marriage. Though I was aware of what Catholics do, I was not aware of what they believe. And, to know the truth, I went through a lot of Catechism classes before marriage that did not do much to help me. They were quite ‘technical’.  I was after my husband to help me understand what they believe. Then he got me your audio downloads. After listening to which, I bless you, life has changed. Along with me, my husband too confesses that the insight towards the Church, the Truth and the Life has changed greatly for the good. And now when we look at the Altar, we know what we are looking at!  And I am pretty much sure there is much more left over there for me to learn and for you to tell me. I will be waiting."

Veronica & Vinfred C.


“Our oldest boy, 8, listens to you on Catholic Radio and also your CD’s (we have about 12 of them now), and he used one of your arguments the other day to defend his Faith to a protestant boy’s claims about The Rapture.  He flat out explained the verses in the bible showing that those ‘left behind’ were the good guys, not the bad guys.  The boy’s mother was not happy and left with her children.  Since then, we’ve talked, but she has been reserved with me and over-watchful of her son and my boy.  It is very cute to see!"
Suzan D.
Turlock, CA


“I have only recently become a subscriber to your newsletter and I wish to thank you for your good work. I am a former priest with one of the "Continuing Anglican Churches," now attending RCIA and converting to the Catholic Faith. I look forward to your replies to Protestants who think they know more about the Faith (and the Bible) than Catholics do. Like so many others my problem with the Catholic Church was not what the Church taught but my perception of what the Church taught. Your newsletter is a tremendous help to me in my conversion and I pray that God continues to  bless you in all your endeavours.”

Glenn H.
Former Anglican priest

“My daughter is having such a hard time in High School finding herself in the midst of religious debates.  She does her best to defend life and her religion. Your tapes have helped her tremendously to understand her faith and to provide biblical references for her defenses. She (and my 13 year old son) think you are cool!  They really like listening to your CD’s."

Sarah R.


“I just made a donation. I absolutely had to. You lit a fire under my brother like no one has before. Your talks spoke to him personally. You helped bring him solidly back home to the Faith. He got me hooked on your stuff too! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Boise. Thank you so very much!"

Boise, ID

“Thank you so much for all that you do to help us teach the Faith.  I have most of your CD’s and have learned so much.  Your talks are so logical and easy to understand and to implement, and consequently, I have had some successes with my neighbor, a fallen-away Catholic turned Fundamentalist, with whom I walk each day.  Needless to say, our daily 2 hour trail walk talks turn to the Bible and I sensed early on that she desired to pull me away from the Church…and I, “The Ignorant Catholic” soon became painfully aware that I was appearing like a fool…that typical Catholic who had never opened a Bible, in spite of the fact that as a convert, I had “read my way into the Church,” and really did know my faith…after all, I had chosen it…I was speechless when it came to engaging in Bible tennis with a ‘Bible Alone’ mindset who was quite adept at verse-quoting…your CD’s have been priceless in leading me into efficacious apologetics.  

I want you to know that I have scored…Big Time!….with Purgatory, Private Interpretation, Once Saved Always Saved, and the Rapture!!  I sense a new respect for me and my faith and for her, a different view of the Church.  I am working now on Authority.   I’ve been using the “Questioning Technique” which is easy to do and maintains a mutual respect as opposed to an angry defensive position.  It’s difficult to hear the Church attacked so vehemently but one has to remember that these Fundamentalist folks don’t know the truth and have gotten their information from such ilk as the Chick Tracts and Anti-Catholic preachers. 

I just want to thank you for all your time and efforts.  Keep up the good work…and know that what you are doing is working!"

Joan M.
Camp Nelson, CA

In Conclusion

All of those things you’ve just read are only possible because of the support the Bible Christian Society receives from folks like you. There are a whole lot more Joans and Rhondas and Glenns and Vinfreds (well, maybe not so many “Vinfreds”) and Pamelas out there that, but we can’t reach them without your help.

Would you please consider being the 1 out of those 10?

Please prayerfully consider sending a donation today to help our evangelization efforts. Could you afford to do $36 for the whole year? Or maybe $18 to cover the next 6 months? No matter the amount you can afford, you can send a check to:

Bible Christian Society, PO Box 424, Pleasant Grove, AL 35127,

Or, simply click on this link:Donations to make a donation using a Visa or Mastercard.

The Bible Christian Society is a 501©(3) non-profit organization. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

May you have a happy and holy Easter!

John Martignoni

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