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Every so often I like to give folks websites where you can find good resource materials. One such place is www.embracethegrace.com. Several free CDs are available at this site…please check it out.


I have a number of tasks that I need to get done today, which means I don’t have a lot of time to write a newsletter. So, what I thought I would do is simply close out the “election series” with a quick summary of what’s at stake in this election.


What I have tried to do in the past two newsletters is simply provide information pertinent to the upcoming election.  I have given you information regarding what the bishops have said – as a group and individually – regarding Catholic moral teaching and how it relates to this, or any, election.  I have given you the positions of the two main candidates for President on pro-life issues – the issues that should be the most important, bar none, to any Catholic who believes that God is the Author of life.  And, I have told you how I, personally, am going to vote.

In this newsletter, I would like to ask you to ponder a few questions that I believe get to the heart of what is at stake in this election, and hopefully make it crystal clear what you are voting for this Tuesday, regardless of how you vote:

1) If Adolf Hitler said that electing Barack Obama would result in the gassing of more than one million Jews per year, could you still vote for Obama, in "good conscience," even if you agreed with his position on the economy, the war, welfare, education, and so on?

2) If the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan said that electing Barack Obama would result in the lynching of more than one million blacks per year, could you still vote for Obama, in "good conscience," even if you agreed with his position on the economy, the war, welfare, education, and so on? 

Now, I want to be clear in that I am not comparing Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler or to the Grand Wizard of the KKK.  The point I am making with these two questions is this: If someone who has knowledge of, and a vested interest in, the gassing of Jews, or the lynching of blacks, says that the policies instituted by another person will result in the killing of  millions of Jews and blacks…do you think they might know about that of which they speak?

Which leads me to my third question: 3) If the abortion industry said that electing Barack Obama would result in the killing of more than one million unborn babies per year, could you still vote for Obama, in "good conscience," even if you agreed with his position on the economy, the war, welfare, education, and so on? 

And, guess what?  The abortion industry has said just that.  The abortion industry has stated that the restrictions that a majority of states have put on abortion – parental consent laws, 24-hour and 48-hour waiting periods, informed consent laws – have all worked to reduce the number of abortions by a few hundred thousand per year over the last several years.  Plus, the abortion industry has further stated that the lack of federal funding for abortions has "forced" women to carry more than a million pregnancies per year to term.  In other words, more than one million babies per year are being born, that wouldn’t be born, if we had federal funding for abortions. 

Now, Barack Obama has vowed to do two things that are relevant to these questions.  He has vowed to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which will eliminate all of the restrictions on abortion that have been enacted by the states; and, he has vowed to repeal the Hyde Amendment.  The Hyde Amendment currently prohibits federal funding of abortion.  In other words, Barack Obama has promised to do the very things that the abortion industry has stated will result in a million or more additional abortions per year. 

So, if you answered, "No," to the first two questions above, then to be morally consistent, you should answer, "No," to the third question.  But, there are any number of people who call themselves "Catholic," who have no problem answering, "Yes," to the third question.  How can that be?

How can one not vote for a man if they know his policies would end up killing a million or more Jews per year, or killing a million or more blacks a year; but they can vote for that man even if they know his policies will kill an additional million or more unborn babies each year? 

I’ll tell you how: Catholics, or any one else, who would not vote for Barack Obama if he was going to institute policies that would kill Jews or blacks, but they are more than willing to vote for Barack Obama knowing that he will institute policies that will indeed kill unborn babies, have de-sensitized themselves to what an abortion actually is.  They speak of killing babies in terms of a woman’s "right to choose," or a "woman’s reproductive freedom," but they never think of abortion in terms of a baby getting sliced into pieces which are then removed, piece-by-bloody-piece, from their mother’s womb.  They never think of abortion in terms of a baby being literally burned to death through saline poisoning within its mother’s womb and then being expelled from its mother’s womb by induced labor.  

That is why I challenge anyone who plans to vote for Obama, but especially those who call themselves Catholic, to go to this website - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6152070479992487290 and view this short video on what an abortion actually is.  If you’re going to vote for a man whose policies will result in the killing of an additional one million human beings, then by golly you have the moral responsibility to take a good long look at what it is your vote will allow to happen.

And, if you cannot bring yourself to look at this video, because something in your gut is telling you that what you will see will be too horrible for you to stomach, and will cause you to lose sleep at night, then how in the name of all that is holy, can you vote for a man who is promising to visit this horror upon a million or more babies each year?!

If you do not watch this video, yet you go on and vote for Barack Obama, then I call you a coward and a hypocrite and I ask you what, pray tell, will you say to the Creator of Life when you stand before His Judgment Seat with the blood of millions of unborn babies dripping from your hands?  Will you say, "I didn’t know?"  Or, will you say, "But I was worried about my tax bill?"  May God indeed have mercy on your souls.

Now, if you are all in favor of increasing the number of abortions in this country; or if you don’t believe in God and that God will have the last say in regards to the horror of abortion; or if you believe the killing of millions of unborn children is just one issue among many that you need to consider…well, it is clear that you need to vote for Senator Obama and I am happy to offer this newsletter as an informational source that will help you to solidify your vote.




In Conclusion

Please pray for God’s will to be done in this election on Tuesday, and may God have mercy on us, every one!

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