Apologetics for the Masses - Issue #71b

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General Comments

Hey folks,this is my semi-annual appeal for 10 cents.


That’s all I ask for, ten cents – a day. If you can afford to donate 10 cents a day – which comes out to just $3.00 a month, or $36.00 per year – it would be greatly appreciated. And, remember, all donations to the Bible Christian Society are 100% tax-deductible.

Working at the Bible Christian Society is my full-time job. It’s what I do for a living. It’s the main source of income for me in supporting my wife, Janel, and my four kids – Brennan, McKenna, Ethan, and Noah. I currently also work a part-time job for a little extra cash but mostly because they pay for my medical insurance. If I can get enough of you to respond to this email, I hope to be able to pay for my medical insurance through the Bible Christian Society and thereby drop the part-time job and devote 100% of my time to apologetics and evangelization. You can help me reach that goal.

I’m hoping you will think that the work of the Bible Christian Society has impacted your life at least $36.00 worth in the past year. If it has, could you help us out? If you could go to the “Donation” page on our website (www.biblechristiansociety.com) and make a one-time donation of $36, or maybe $18 now and $18 in six months, I would be exceedingly grateful.


Everything my small (very small) staff and I do here at the Bible Christian Society is done with the intent of saving souls. Saving souls by bringing the truths of the Catholic Faith to literally tens of thousands of people around the world each year.

This year we will distribute close to 120,000 copies of our talks to all 50 states and some 30+ foreign countries. We get some money for shipping and handling for orders through the website that come in from the U.S., but for many mail in orders and for many of the overseas orders to places like India, the Philippines, South Africa, Uganda, Thailand, and many others, we don’t receive a penny.

So, your investment in this apostolate helps to pay for evangelization not just here in the U.S., but all over the world. Your investment also helps me to keep this newsletter going. We have almost 7000 subscribers to the newsletter now, and I’m able to get out about 40-45 issues in a year. Issues which teach Catholics and non-Catholics alike about the truths of the Catholic Faith – how to explain them and how to defend them.

In Conclusion

I come to you just twice a year via email to ask for your support. You never get anything from me through the U.S. mail. I never tell you that I have this or that emergency or that I’m facing this or that crisis – well, McKenna does need that operation (just kidding!). I just want you to know that your support – whether a lot or a little – is greatly appreciated and is put to very good use. So, if you like what we do here at the Bible Christian Society, could you spare a dime to help us out today? And then another dime tomorrow? And then the next day…

Again, you can make a donation online by going to this link:


Or by sending a check to:

Bible Christian Society, POB 424, Pleasant Grove, AL 35127.

And, again, the Bible Christian Society is a 501©(3) organization and all donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Thank you!

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