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Two-Minute Apologetics

“It is not clear to me in the Bible that God, Jesus ever say that you have to belong to the Catholic Church.” (Cont’d from last week…) (Part 2)

The Catholic Church teaches that it is THE Church founded by Jesus Christ, and that it contains the fullness of the truth as given to us by Jesus Christ through the Apostles. So, no, the Bible never …


If you're having difficulty understanding a particular verse of scripture, this is one of the best free resources out there.


Apologetics for the Masses

Our free e-newsletter teaches real-world apologetics strategies by showing actual email discussions between John Martignoni and various non-Catholics.

Do Christians Need to Forgive to Be Saved? Apologetics for the Masses #311

Do Christians Need to Forgive in Order to Be Saved?

Apologetics for the Masses #310 - Moving the Sabbath to Sunday

Did the Catholic Church Change the Sabbath?

Asking an Atheist Questions #309

What would you ask an atheist?

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