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Two-Minute Apologetics

I had a theology professor who told me that Adam and Eve were just myths, and that the rest of Genesis was all just legends...is that what the Church teaches?

Absolutely not! The Church has always taught that Adam and Eve were real people and were the first human beings from whom all other human beings are descended. In 1950, Pope Pius XII, in Paragraph …


If you're having difficulty understanding a particular verse of scripture, this is one of the best free resources out there.

Apologetics for the Masses

Our free e-newsletter teaches real-world apologetics strategies by showing actual email discussions between John Martignoni and various non-Catholics.

Reaching People All Over the World With the Truths of the Faith...

And how you can participate...

Open Letter to Pastor Buddy Gray and Hunter Street Baptist Church (cont'd)

Follow-Up on the Open Letter to Pastor Buddy Gray and Hunter Street Baptist Church

Apologetics for the Masses #334 - What is Truth?

Is there such a thing as truth?

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