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In your recent series of articles you talked about how contraception is contrary to God’s plan for married couples. When I talk to people about contraception, though, I am almost always asked the question about why contraception is wrong but NFP is okay when they both do the same thing - help someone to avoid pregnancy. How do I respond to that? (Part 1)

The argument that there is no difference between contraception and NFP (Natural Family Planning) is one that I hear very frequently when talking about this subject. So, are contraception and NFP …


If you're having difficulty understanding a particular verse of scripture, this is one of the best free resources out there.

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Apologetics for the Masses #333 - Confession and the Bible

Confession and the Bible

Apologetics for the Masses #332 - Debate on the Sinlessness of Mary (Cont'd)

Finishing up with my response to Steve Fitz's "arguments" on Mary

Apologetics for the Masses #331 - Full Page Ad on the Eucharist in this Sunday's Papers

Check out the Sports Section of the Birmingham News & Huntsville Times for the Ad

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