Summer Jobs

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     I have two teenagers at home who have been putting in applications for summer jobs, but finding the going a bit difficult.  If any of you do summer hiring (although my daughter is looking for part-time work year round if possible), or know of someone who does, please let me know.

     My daughter, McKenna (19), is a freshman at Samford, very intelligent, learns quickly, and handles responsibility very well.  Very peope-oriented.  Would do exceedingly well in any position that deals with the public.  Open to any kind of work.  As I mentioned, she is looking for at least summer work, but would also be interested in something she could do part-time during the school year.

     My son, Ethan (16), is also very bright, and works hard.  He's quiet, no frills, just puts his nose to the grindstone and gets the job done. 

     Again, please contact me if you know of anything.

God bless!


John Martignoni


Apologetics for the Masses